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  • Jan 9 '13

    I disagree with most black and white statements like that.
    Life is more of a spectrum.
    New nurses might have a less critical thinking is some situations than a more experienced nurse.
    Critical thinking can be developed and increased in nurses who really want to learn how.

  • Dec 30 '12

    Quote from flowerchild89

    I was just offered a position full time. I'm a new grad and I recently got an EAD through Obama's deferred action policy for certain young immigrants. It is valid for 2 years.

    I want to know if having an EAD will be a problem when going through the HR process. I am able to renew my EAD by myself every two years.

    Also, if they ask me to sign a contract, will I be able to sign the contract even if my EAD expires before the contract ends? For example, my EAD expires on 10/15/14, but what if they make me sign a contract that would be until January 2015. I will be renewing it of course, but just wondering if this would be an issue with HR/employers.

    Thanks in advance for your input! I'm very excited to start working and I just want this to be real. I've been waiting for this since I was a little girl.
    That is how I started in 05. You may not sign a contract, you will be hired as a full time employee, you will show them ur EAD, they will make a copy and keep in ur file. Of course they will see the expiration date, they will remind you 3 months or so before the expiration date for the renewal. Nothing to worry about, since you are allowed to renew ur permit. Congrats!!