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    Hi Folks. I was accepted into the program but have not yet started patho or pharm because none of my other schools required those classes and I didn't want to risk losing money when I was applying to many other places. Has anyone found online schools that start up those classes in october? Thanks!

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    Hey there - has anyone here gotten accepted for the ABSN class to start in January? If so, where are you able to complete pathophysiology and pharm in three months??

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    Awesome whereisdarla! I sent you a message but i am not sure if you can see or send messages if you haven't posted enough yet..? I am not to advanced with this site!

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    Hey all! I got flat out rejected - stay positive! If you are call-listed, waitlisted whatevs you will still have a chance

    I am headed to Regis! Anyone else starting at Regis in January, I look forward to meeting you!

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    Hi there Alexia,

    If you have a disability with a diagnosis, you can receive accommodations on the TEAS. You need a full-diagnosis report from a specialist plus a letter from your current psychologist or doctor. I received time and a half extra on my TEAS and did very very well. I have severe ADHD. Hope that helps! (I haven't taken NCLEX yet nor I have been accepted to school yet )

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    Hey this may be a bit silly to post. However, if any of you are quite shy and nervous about the interview. Check our this TED talk to pump you up:

    Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

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    I am interviewing in the B group.. see you then afternoon crew! Spend the morning doing something active to get the blood moving

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    I haven't heard anything either - I spoke with an advisor on the phone a few weeks ago and she said not to expect anything until the end of July

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    JenBun02 - keep applying! You will get it next time!

    My Undergrad was a 3.13 and my pre req GPA was a 3.6. It would have been a lot higher if I had not gotten a C+ in Statistics. I think what helped is that I was upfront about my weaknesses academically and said what I would do to overcome them in the program in my essay. I believe I am probably on the lower end of the GPA scale for invited candidates.

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    Thank you so much for all of the positive insights!

    A facebook page would be great, so thank you so much for your effort!

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    Hi AlysonCasey,

    They send out their decisions in November? Whoa!

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    I spoke with an admissions counselor a few weeks ago and I believe you have to report your TEAS score on your application. I could be wrong about that though - I just took mine on Wednesday.

    I recommend getting the ATI Teas study Manual. I read studied it pretty hard for 13 days straight and got an advanced score.

    Dyumul07 - the counselor said get your best scores in reading and math - so hopefully you make it through!!!

    Best of luck to all!

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    Hi All,

    I also got the interview for the UCAN program and am quite shocked - and of course, thrilled!

    To any prospective students this who is intimidated by GPA's thrown around on here, mine was below what people have said the average is for the UCAN program. I think my essay probably stood out as I have experience with underserved communities but other than that - I am perplexed!

    Best of luck to you all - I look forward to meeting some of you in Denver!

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    *when they were processing them.

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    Got ya! Yeah I called nursingCAS and there was an error with my transcripts when they were. Hopefully all will be well! Best of luck to you! Lets stay in touch!