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  • Nov 11 '13

    A strong positive message can move mountains. What do you do to remind yourself to never give up? Is there someone in your life that's always there to pick you up? I believe that inspirational/motivational quotes are a great picker-upper ... especially, if read at the right time. Share your stories...

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  • Sep 1 '13

    Congratulations for surviving the first week! Throughout your journey, don't forget to celebrate the small victories. I'm a third semester student, and so often I feel overwhelmed. When I do, I try to remember to take one bite of the elephant at a time, and look back at everything I've accomplished. Best of luck to you.

  • Jun 24 '13

    Thanks everyone!

    Quote from JerseyGirl6
    Remember this is your time to ask questions, make mistakes (not that many) and get messy!... as would ms frizzle would say on the magic school bus
    Love Magic School Bus!

  • Jun 20 '13

    Quote from ☮ ♥ and ✚
    Good idea on getting started with your shots. Do you have your CPR certification? If not, that's also something you're definitely going to need. Are your books not posted on your bookstore's website yet? I only ask because ours were posted before we even found out what was required. That's awful though because there's a lot to be taken care of in that short amount of time! :-(
    Yep, I've got my CPR for healthcare workers, and they won't even post the NUR books on the bookstore site! I wish they would, I would be poring over them like a maniac! But no..... instead I look at my old A & P book and point out body parts on my family members. They are ready to have me commited.

  • Jun 19 '13

    I am one of those older, second (well, third) career people. I got a bachelors in Biology years ago in hopes of going to vet school.. I was not motivated enough or mature enough. I kept working in the horse business until I had children and then I had an opportunity to go to school to get a teaching degree (the equivalent of an ABSN) which included a masters. I became a teacher because I liked to teach; I had taught horseback riding lessons for 20 years. Then the bottom fell out of education and I had educated myself out of a job. Next, following my mother's advice from 10 years ago, I went back to school to be a nurse. I did not do it because I thought it would be easy, it turned out to be the hardest thing that I have ever done. I had worked for a large animal vet and a lot of the processes and medications, some procedures, are very similar to human medicine. I LOVE nursing. I know I could have done this years ago, but I don't think I was ready. Yes, I had more education and was older than some of my instructors, but I was still new at this.
    Not all second career, older, educated nursing student think of this as a last resort, it is just time for us. Fortunately for me, I found a job in a hospital that values diversity and my age was not a detriment.
    There are success stories out there.

  • Jun 11 '13

    Quote from Tricia328
    I love that you said "today is celebration day!" Jessi_o!
    Congratulations Tricia!!! I was wondering why you hadn't posted! And, yes, thank God for the great news! This is a great day!

  • Jun 11 '13

    I got my letter too, I am so happy..... but confused on the orientation date. It said Wednesday July 22, but July 22nd is a Monday. I hope is Monday, because I bought a Disney vacation and we are to leave on Tuesday July 23.

  • Jun 11 '13

    This does help! Still checking my email obsessively though, haha!

  • Jun 11 '13

    Guys, check your email. I've just received provisional acceptance into the nursing program. I'm happy AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. I'm so blessed and ready to start this journey with all of you...

    I went like crazy, I'm so happy I can explained it enough.. Check you email !!! Today is celebration day!!!

  • Jun 11 '13

    Congratulations Jessi_o!!!! I went and checked my email too and VOILA! Acceptance letter was there!

  • Jun 11 '13

    Congratulations Jessi_0 and klandsdow!!! I too just got my provisional acceptance!!! Looking forward to meeting everyone next month!! =)

  • Jun 11 '13

    I got mine too! Was not expecting it this week. Was expecting it next week. SO EXCITED!!!!!

  • Jun 11 '13

    Wow so many people joined our post! Congratulations everyone too!!! Let's get ready to begin the journey and hope it is one of the best!!!!

    We definetely should introduce ourselves soon. So excited to meet all of you!

  • Jun 11 '13

    Brian_j and Tricia328, Check your emails soon!!!

  • Jun 10 '13

    Quote from LPN-RN2012
    Just to let you know when we got our letters last year they were just one page so if on June 21st you get a thin envelope don't panic there is nothing in there except the "congratulations" letter with a lot of instructions on what you need to do!! GOOD LUCK!!!!
    Thanks for the info! I'm glad you joined our post! Waiting anxiously for this long 2 weeks to be done and over with. Been watching sooo many videos about nursing school on youtube that I think I'm just nuts obsessed, LOL. Please keep posting, and good luck to us all!