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  • Jan 17 '13

    Oh, I have to offer you some ((( HUGS ))). I'm so sorry that you cried and felt devastated, and especially sad that you felt ashamed----Please, please try not to be so hard on yourself!!! Nursing is SO hard, and you're on a very busy floor. I pray that you will make it through this and will end up LOVING your job!!!

    I can relate to SOME of what you're going through, when I was a new NICU nurse many years ago, I felt the same way many times. I cried and took many things PERSONALLY as you are---I hope/pray that after you have more experience, you will NOT take things personally!!! More (((hugs)))

  • Jan 17 '13

    Hang in there! You've only had 4 real weeks so far and many more to go. It will get easier and the fact they are putting you on 8 hr shifts with only 4 patients shows they are trying to work with you. It's nice they are doing that! They will do whatever they can to help you make it because they don't want to lose their time/money they've put into you for three months so just do your best and keep showing progress! Our orientation is only 6 weeks and that includes a week of classroom orientation so be glad you get that long! Hopefully having only four patients will help you gain confidence and get more efficient. Don't be discouraged-be proactive. Be open to any and all advice, teaching, etc and be willing to do anything they ask. Nothing worse than a nurse saying they're afraid to call the dr! Even if you've never done it before-be willing-just ask them to explain it well and walk you through it. I think you're going to be fine-I really do! Look at all you've learned so far!!