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    Hi! I have just accepted a (PS-3 through 8th grade) school nurse position (see my other post) and my entire background is in emergency nursing. Can anyone recommend any books that would be helpful to me during this transition? I am also looking for something with sample consent forms, MAR's, etc. Any info on policies & procedures would be great also....I'm just trying to be a sponge here, and soak up as much info as possible!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, I am new to the boards and I just accepted a school nurse position at my daughter's Catholic school. My entire background is in emergency nursing, so this is a first for me. Are their any differences between school nursing guidelines in the private/parochial vs. public setting?

    After reviewing the policies & forms that are currently in place, I really don't think that many revisions are in order. Is there any websites that have policy & procedure info, or even sample forms that I could check out. I'm thinking that this is one difference btw. the types of school the parochial setting there are no true guidelines in place, and I've been told that it's "whatever the nurse feels comfortable with."

    Any pointers, tid bits of wisdom, or opinions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!