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  • Nov 15 '12

    Hi I'm an RN in L.A.

    Contact the CA Board of Nursing for your employment visa questions.

    I can tell you a few things for sure:

    1) the nursing job market here is VERY tight. The more credentials, certificates, board certifications and experience you have, the better off you'll be.

    2) do not even consider, for one second, moving here or living here without a car.

    3) everything you do, your entire life, every minute of every day in L.A. is based on traffic and freeways. Please research and have a solid understanding of the geography of this massive, tangled city and plan your job/apartment/commute situation carefully.

    4) it is not always beaches, palm trees, celebrities and yoga here. It is smoggy, polluted, crowded, and stressful. There are earthquakes and fires and landslides and high crime. Understand what you are getting into. I love it, but I have seen many transplants move here, last a year, then go home. Italians are strong people, you will do fine.

    5) stay away from Cedars.

    6) you can PM me or ask more questions any time.

    Good luck!!!

  • Nov 15 '12

    Quote from B-Dreamer
    Hey there! I'm new here and I hope I'm in the right section!
    I've been to LA this summer and I asked how to apply for a job there. They told me I needed at least one year experience working in a hospital; I graduated on March and I'm actually working in ICU. Now, my contract will be over on October 2013 and I really hope I can move to California at the beginning of 2014, so I'm trying to figure out which is the best way to get a job and a working visa. I'm italian and I know for sure I've got to pass a few exams for my license, but how does it work? do I need a sponsor to get a visa?
    Which is the best, seeking for a job while I'm in the USA or searching for a sponsor and then come back to Cali?
    It's all so confused and I really don't know where to start! I know the whole process takes a while and I wanna be ready
    thanks ^^
    Hi, as far as getting your credentials transferred, I would suggest you call the state board of nursing of whatever state you are interested in as they seem to all have different requirements from foreign nurses. You will probably need to get VisaScreen, to do this go to the CGFNS website. You should also apply for and pay for the Credentials Evaluation Service right away, because they might just not tell you that you need it, while you wait endlessly on your end for everything to finalize (speaking from experience). When your BON has been satisfied that your credentials are equal to what they require, they will give you an authorization to test (ATT) with Pearson Vue. You must have a file with them already. Contact them with the ATT number, and schedule your NCLEX-RN exam. Their website should have a list of the locations in your general area, although, since it is overseas, I am not sure how MANY locations they have.
    As far as work Visas go, since you are from Italy you are not eligible for the only work visa I am aware of that does not require sponsorship. However, I am not an immigration attorney so I am sure there could be something out there I am not aware of. On that note, it will be VERY difficult to get sponsored with the current economy. Nurses from all backgrounds, with or without experience, new grads and nurses who have been practicing for years and years, American nurses, are having a very difficult time finding work. Most employers are not even doing sponsorships anymore, and I know because I looked into it. Mention sponsorhip, they hang up on you. Now, granted, that is for Georgia, and I don't know what the nursing market is like in California.
    You will probably want to send out your resume while still in Italy. Follow up a LOT. Call, ask to speak to human resources, nursing recruiters. For the love of God, unless you have tons of savings, KEEP YOUR JOB IN ITALY UNTIL YOU FIND SOMETHING CONCRETE IN THE US!!! You might take a few days, weeks off, whatever, if and when you get asked to go in for interviews. In which case, try to schedule them all during the same time period to save some time and money.
    But all that to say, good luck. H1b visas are VERY hard to come by because there are so many hurdles to be jumped by employers to be able to sponsor someone for one of those.