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  • Feb 29 '16

    i have chronic lyme diease and it does take a toll on you.. mentally and physically... i drive myself crazy somedays and i had to really say " the heck with it" i do my best and have faith things are not as bad as they seem... i have had chronic lyme disease for many many years and some days are better than others... just keep in mind " that you are only human and what others think is not important... just do the best you can and leave the rest to God

  • Nov 23 '14

    You were wrongfully discharged! First, the alarm may have malfunctioned and should have been evaluated by biomed or engineering. Most facilities are not even using alarms as CMS considers them a restraint, a passive restraint to be sure, but a restrained all the same.

    Secondly, you should have received instruction regarding occurrence reports in orientation AND been told your preceptors would walk you through the first one.

    That did not happen, so your ass of a manager compounded this poor excuse for orientation and preceptors, and actually retaliated against you!

    For heavens sake, people FALL. Even with alarms. I had one fall standing right next to me. We were standing at a window side by side and he simply toppled over. I could not turn fast enough to catch him and probably could have done nothing to prevent anyway as at the time I weighed 99 pounds at 4' 10" and he was 6' 3" and about 220 pounds. Went over like a downed tree. Got a lovely goose egg. And laid on the floor laughing. We found out he had a heart problem that caused it. Lucky he was not on his job at the time - he drove a semi!

    I think I'd find a labor lawyer. Unless you are employed in a 'work at will' state, in which case you may resign any time without giving a reason but they can also discharge you for no reason. Then you are screwed, because a labor lawyer can do you no good.

  • Oct 27 '14

    Almost mirror story over here, I have a lot of information from this journey. Even if you had been diagnosed with CFS, it is not like it means much. CFS is just a starting point to find out the ROOT causes of what is causing the intense fatigue. The stimulant may work forever but it is a strong drug to take forever. If you are interested in other solutions, the best way to do this is to find a Functional Medicine or Integrative Medicine Dr or DNP that specializes in CFS or depression. The root causes usually lay in infections, bacterial or viral, hormonal imbalances – especially subclinical hypothyroid, food sensitivities/leaky gut, toxic chemicals, etc. Many people with CFS/depression find that they have Lyme disease, you do not have to have the classics bulls eye, the standard test rarely catch it, there is a good lab out of California that specializes in Lyme, their name is IGENEX. Standard tests can reveal if there are elevated antibodies to viruses. Best test for toxic metals is the urine DMSA challenge test the DMSA helps to pull metals out of tissue. Blood tests may miss metals. For food intolerance, do not get food allergy tests, allergies to food work different than intolerance, which is a delayed reaction. The best tests for food intolerance are ALCAT, Immunolabs and Enterolabs. Finding out food intolerences is important because they not only cause symptoms but in some cases can prevent healing.

    After the tests are done then specific intervention that is usually involves a combination of short term medicine with nutritional or herbal support can be taken

    My purpose for becoming a nurse and continuing on to a DNP is to help people with CFS , Fibromyalgia, depression like illnesses , auto-immune etc. I will will be happy to help anyone here that is interested. It is a long journey but it can be done.

  • Oct 27 '14

    I was diagnosed with CFS initially, but the CFS was brought on by having Lyme Disease. Most screening tests for Lyme miss many more positives than they catch. The Igg/Igm Western Blot done through Igenex labs in California are much more accurate (cost ~$190.00 prepay)

    I would come home and crash, literally, on the couch and not move until I got into bed. With a few months of antibiotics, I was my old self again. In fact, I felt so good I decided to start nursing school. I still take Flexeril and Neurontin to get good sleep and to control pain, but the difference is amazing.

    Unfortunately, I now have fibromyalgia (again triggered by the Lyme), but my doctor added Cymbalta to my other meds and have been doing good for the last year.

    My doctor advises his CFS/fibro/Lyme patients to take LOTS of B12 and Vit C. Massage therapy helps. Deplin or Cerefolin NAC are Rxs he prescribes a lot in addition to flexeril, neurontin, cymbalta (or Savella), and sometime Xanaflex, Soma, or for people with really bad problems he'll give narcotics.

    Stress will trigger relapses, so do whatever works for you to destress.

    All the Best!

  • Oct 18 '14

    I'd have to say nurse managers. I've heard they exist, but I very rarely see one.

  • Nov 15 '13

    I cannot believe you were fired for that. It seems ridiculous. I mean that's the reason you sign the incident report---so that if they need more info they can just ask you.