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    Quote from sw54g
    Hey bfrei! I'm new to this so I still don't know how to PM message but ill be reporting to bethesda on may 12th. Also I'll be attending the April ODS class. I contacted the person I believe is in charge of the sponsor program there (LT Aberlin) about a month ago and she said she will submit my name and once I am assigned a sponsor they will contact me. I was hoping to hear from them before I left for ODS. Does the sponsor assignments usually take this long? And how important/what is the role of a sponsor? Thanks!

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    I am going in april as well. Email me

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    i am going in a few days as well... email me

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    I just found out yesterday that I will be attending the 7 April 2013 ODS just wanted to see if there was anyone else on here also going.

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    sorry it took me so long to reply. I never got a notice or anything that someone posted. Are you still heading to San Diego? When are you going to ODS?

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    Thank you so much for all the information you have posted on here. I have read it over and over again and it has been so helpful.

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    @WILL higg
    - Have you made it to ODS yet? I go April 7 and im getting nervous. I was literally told yesterday because LCDR Gomez was on leave for the week. I am still going to San Diego which is what I wanted.

    I am from Virginia definitely ready to start post college life.

    Let me know how ODS is!
    My email is email me

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    Congrats to everyone who is almost graduating nursing school. I would love to get in touch with some of you who are finishing up with school in the next couple of months . I wanted to know if anyone is going to San Diego or currently living in the New Jersey or New York area and would like to meet or chat. Study hard we are almost done!

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    I would love to hear about your experiences.. Im at NYU and finish up with school in Decemeber and was tentatively told Im going to San Diego.

    mpaul87- If you wouldnt mind I want to hear how the first couple weeks are at San Diego.

    Congrats on completing ODS to those who went in September!

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    Hello All-
    I am finishing up classes in December and graduating in January (school process). I just received my tentative placement (San Diego) from LCDR Gomez and just wanted to know if anyones changed when they actually received their orders.

    Any new grads out there who are already working? How is the adjustment so far?

    How was ODS?

    Any insight would be helpful. As I am getting closer to finishing up school there are so many questions flooding my mind.