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    Quote from Patrick71
    New grad RN from Oregon here. Just took my NCLEX this morning. I hope the fact that it shut off after the minimum 75 questions is a good thing. Hopefully can find out if I passed on Monday. I've been working as an LPN since last summer. SO great to be done with f$%&#*! nursing school.
    I wish you the best of luck with the results....good the whole thing is over I bet, I remember those days. The 75 questions is a good sign....mine shut off at 75 as well. You would have to statistically have missed over50 on the first set (so as not to ever be able to redeem yourself with the remaining 200 questions). good luck

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    male RN here, sup guys?

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    Hi all, new member here, not sure how this whole thing works, but while doing a search came across this site. I am a registered nurse, 30 y/o male, critical care educator as well as paramedic in the community. New to the position of critical care educator and really getting my feet wet now for the past 1 week.