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    Hi everyone! I'm a new RN who graduated, passed, my boards, and moved to a new city. Somehow with all of this going on, I managed to get an interview for a Labor and Delivery position. I was called and asked if I wanted to first shadow on the unit, to which I said yes. I shadowed a couple of days ago, and loved it. I even met with the manager, who seemed nice and I think she liked me as well. She explained that they like to have new grads shadow first because they often don't know what they're getting into and just want to "work with the cute babies."

    Anyways, I gave her a copy of my resume, received her business card, and was called to schedule an interview the very next day. I'm getting some good vibes from all of this! But it is now the night before my interview (my first nursing interview!!) and I'm SO nervous!! If anyone has any last minute advice I'd really appreciate it. I have copies of my resume and references, wrote out questions I want to ask, and I've been trying to reflect on all of my clinical experience. I hate not knowing what to expect and being unprepared, so I'm worried I'm going to get asked questions and freeze up.

    Also, I don't have a fancy suit jacket to wear, so I'm just wearing black dress pants and a nice short sleeved top. (Minimal makeup and jewelry, neat hair, black flats.) I hope this is ok.

    Any and all advice from more experienced interviewees is more than welcome!! Thanks in advance, I love this community and all of your help.