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    I am an RN and just got hired onto a new facility. I have been driving 50 miles one way to work and wanted to find a hospital to work at closer to my home, which I did. I turned in my notice I asked for my last shift to be 1 week and 6 days from then (6 full 12 hour shifts). Well, my manager wanted to have a meeting with me this past week and it was very uncomfortable for me. All she said was how disappointed she was in me for leaving the company. She had nothing nice to say to me at all, no thank you or you've done a good job or good luck in the future.

    Nothing!! When she asked me why I was resigning, in the middle of me explaining why, she cut me off. I pretty much had no talk time or say in this meeting. Well at the end of it she guilt tripped me into working an extra day. After I got home and everything sank in, I'm extremely mad for agreeing to work that extra shift, especially after the way she treated me. I start my new job the week after thanksgiving and I still have a lot to do before the holiday so that I can be prepared to start that next Monday. The only free days I have to do these things is this Friday, and what would have been a day off next Tuesday, but now I have agreed to work. I don't think it will all get done in one day.

    What should I do? Tell her I can't work? Will this hurt me in the future, she is already really mad and I doubt that she would ever give me a good reference. I NEVER plan to work for this hospital again, and since I was there for less than a year I forfeit my paid time off to be cashed out. HELP!!! Advice needed.

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    I have been an RN for about a year and a half now. I have 9 months of psych at the state hospital, and am currently working on a telemetry unit and have been here for about 6 months. I want to relocate to a hospital closer to my new home. Right now I am driving 50 miles one way.

    Would it be appropriate for me to start looking And applying to other jobs? I want to stay in telemetry but not sure if I have enough telemetry experience to get on at another hospital. I do have my ACLS. Advice needed please and thank you !!!!