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  • Feb 26

    I responded on the other page - I want to say it was a little over a month but it was over the holidays. Good luck!

  • Feb 26

    Im finishing my application for post master's FNP summer 2018. Fingers crossed! anyone here transferring credits from WGU by chance?

  • Feb 19

    Hello, I just submitted my application to the University of Cincinnati for their FNP post master certificate program online starting Summer 2018. Do you know how long is the waiting period for acceptance?

  • Jan 19

    hello! I also received acceptance to the Summer 2018 online master's FNP program. I am really excited to start. Perhaps if there are others out there we should start a FB group and keep in contact!

  • Jan 19

    Hey guys! I'm in the Post-MSN Certificate program for FNP! I will be taking less than half of the courses but will probably graduate the same time as you all (I'm going part time). We should definitely start a FB group! I don't know if I will have time to be admin otherwise I'd volunteer!

    So great to meet you two!

  • Jan 19

    Nice to meet everyone. I just heard from U of C and I just got in! I will probably choose U of C. Anxious but excited to start.

  • Jan 18

    An update for anyone who cares: I had an admission interview today at a local brick-and-mortar University with a DNP FNP program. At the end of the interview, they asked me to step out for a few moments. After about 5 minutes, they called me back in to tell me I had a slot in the program!

  • Jan 8

    I am working full time and school part time. My part-time load feels like full time course work. When clinical starts, I will have to cut back on my work load because I am going to have a miserable life haha

  • Jan 5

    I'm doing the application for the summer start date now! Hope to join you!

  • Dec 23 '17

    Thats awesome! I'll be doing post-MSN so no more than 1-2 classes at a time - thank goodness because I have a one year old! We should keep in touch!

  • Dec 21 '17

    Never mind! I got in! Post-Masters FNP Certificate for Summer 2018! Woohoo!

  • Dec 21 '17

    I just recieved an acceptance letter to otterbein today as well. Now I am trying to decide between Cincinnati, mccn and otterbein.

  • Dec 21 '17

    I'm sorry. That is odd that you interviewed with abother applicant.Came here to post that I got a letter today too. I did get an acceptance letter. So I'm relieved. Did you apply anywhere else?

  • Dec 21 '17

    @gemini-- I missed the last comment where you applied to other schools. Have you heard anything from the other schools you applied?

  • Dec 14 '17

    I applied too! Good luck! I think it may be Febuary-ish before we hear something.