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    very little union protection in America for nurses

    Quote from Ziggy26
    I'm in Canada and maybe I'm missing something about your jurisdiction but as a nurse by trade and an administrator, I'm curious, do you not have a union that will fight this on your behalf? If this kind of assault were taking place here, that's the first place I would go not to mention filing a complaint /c the College of Physicians & Surgeons.

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    its not taken seriously as DOCS bring money, I once was suspended without pay for 3 days because a doctor cursed me like i was pond scum, I told her she wouldn't talk to me like that , I laid the phone on the table people around me could hear screaming, when she quit screaming I picked up the phone to a dead line, my suspension was for unprofessional communications "i had hung up on a doctor, I challenged the HR to investigate it to ask witnesses, the HR lady said oh you mean there are witnesses, ..... yes was my reply, upon their investigation they gave me the one day off with pay as I had started serving the suspension, but still demanded i take probation as I didn't direct the doctor to my superiors, ( like I could get a word in edgewise)

    these occurrences are the norm in smaller cities throughout the south and midsouth..... I don't see this as much in the cities

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    Obvious this person has no clue and doesn't work in health care, it is blatantly illegal to make someone work 24 hrs in a row. In CA, one cannot be made to work more than 12. Every state I have worked in as a traveler, 16 hrs max can one work. Even then the last 4 is mostly "volunteer" I am not talking about staying over until someone gets in from the ditch..... a manager, a float pool or number other people will cover the load, and I have even had the national guard to take folks home and deliver them to the hospitals and nursing homes at shift change. NO ONE works 24 hrs at least not if they care about their license

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    Seeking information and sharing on the ANCC CNS ADULT HEALTH Certification exam, not psych or gero but ADULT

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    Yeah travel agencies are making a killing....instead of complaining im trying to fiqure out a way to start my own.... but i aint gonna work for 29.00 an hr im currently on a travel assignment in CA from a company based in San Deigo and im getting a mere 35.00 an hr...other benes include 575.00 for housing and they furnished the apt..... 600 travel expense to/from the location...and then im working prn where the rate is greater than 36 an hr

    So no criticism here just show me a way to start my own