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Seeking information and sharing on the ANCC CNS ADULT HEALTH Certification exam, not psych or gero but ADULT


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I am also inquiring about the adult CNS exam. Going to take it in a couple of months. Any advice?


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I had a friend recently take it, and she told me it was replete with research methodology. I recall her having to look up levels of evidence. It seems she mentioned something about leadershp strategies and management techniques, but it was apparently devoid of anything of a clinical nature. Oh, I recall a question about sunshine and nursing theories - not the sun as in the center of our galaxy but likely some kind of sunshine nurse babble. She didn't know what it was so we both tried to look it up at work one day and had trouble with it.

Oh, the study questions that she bought to go with the test, which were clinically oriented, weren't present on the test. She used to go over test questions at work, and some of the clinical questions were ridiculous and quite niche. It seems there was a lot about chemo in that test bank which neither one of us knew absolutely anything about.


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[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]My advice for studying:

Mometrix CNS flashcards: My colleagues used these exclusively and passed

Read entire Foundations of CNS Practice (Fulton book) – look up models mentioned, read case examples, know business stuff. Possibly read Crucial Conversations and something on educational theories, styles [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Youtube Paul Bolin USMLE prep~ 200 videos, puts it all together for direct care: patho, assessment, dx, ddx, tx, pharm (some are 2 years old – look at latest guidelines for CHF, DM, HTN) covers everything you may need for the clinical section of test and what you need for practice. This is overkill, but it made me a better nurse and its free.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Counseling, preceptor, education theories, adult learning, staff teaching, coaching, leadership, translational, transformational, educational theories, change theories[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Research terms, research subject protection [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]End of life laws, counseling, care include drugs and tx used during dying process, family psy issues.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Know the geriatric stuff including labs.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Read question stem carefully: one term can make the difference in choosing between 3 or 4 correct answers.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Do not study FNP books, flashcards or take their tests.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]What wasn't on test : specific ATB therapy, DM therapy, any pictures of diseases, xrays, assessment for ortho, visual tests, all those assessment tests named after somebody that have little specificity or sensitivity, inducers and inhibitors, drugs that shouldn't be given to pregnant women, drug interactions, specific models such as Iowa, PARIHS but their application was on test.

PS the sunshine question was probably "sundowners" a geriatric syndrome. Know your geriatric stuff. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR]

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