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    The last day for us is the 16th..then we have to come back on the 3rd! I don't know why I thought we always usually get 3 weeks off and not just 2! Oh well..

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    Thanks so much for your reply. I guess I got lucky in the payment department! I'm hoping the other nurse and I will take turns being on-call for the night shift. This is going to be a very interesting summer!!!!! You make a good point about administration, I didn't think of it that way. I will begin mentally preparing myself now.

    Quote from Alex Egan
    The average salary for a camp nurse is generally $50-$100 per day. Some camps pay more but not many.

    i don't think your gonna find a vast difference between your school job and camp except you generally don't get to send them home. Fever, vomiting, skin infection they are all yours to arrange treatment for transport to the appointment, chase for meds and treatment. Diabetics guess who gets to do the 2AM BGL if the're low at bedtime, hint it's not mom.

    Also admistrative support can be lackluster at times, even more so than in the public sector. Parents can't just go to another school next year because you made them mad, but they sure can leave camp so the boss has a lot of incentives to kiss parent butt.

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    I will be arriving to camp the same day as the kids, so I hope everything is pretty much in place, including orders.. The counselors arrive at camp the week before. Maybe they should do that with nurses as well. Especially with so many kids! I think I will have 60-100 per session but I dont recall exactly how many. I guess I will find out the week after next!

    Quote from Scrubs_n_sirens
    The worse thing for me as a camp "nurse" as an EMT was trying to give so many Girl Scouts their scheduled medications every day, several times a day, by myself. It was an ordeal every morning, haha.

    When I started, I had no standing SOPs. I was the only health care provider on camp. Very stressful trying to do intake for 150 girls the first day every week, get their medication regimes transcribed, review for food allergies for the kitchen staff, and try to do head and foot checks.

    Those were my responsibilities. And my administration frowned on using the van to take people to the hospital when I thought they needed to go. *sigh*

    As an EMT doing the camp nurse position, I received 500$ a pay period (two weeks) with room, board, and food. And from reviewing positions for camp RNs in my area, that was obviously on the low end. I would assume an LVN would make more than that and an RN more so.

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    Yes, I got the description and it seems like I wont experience too much of a difference (besides not being able to send them home or to the hospital if it's a serious issue) I just wanted to hear some real life feedback! Thanks for your reply, I hope I don't run into any stopped meds....yikes

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    I will be working as a camp nurse starting the week after next and I am very excited! I'm working June 14th-July 29th. My usual job is as a school LVN so I needed to do something to earn an income during summer break!

    I will be living at the camp and there is one other nurse who I'll be splitting work days with. Room, board, and food are all provided at no expense to me. From what it sounds like, the other nurse and I will split the days in half or something between the two of us, and everyone at camp has one day off per week. I think there will be about 60 kids if I remember correctly.

    What is the usual compensation (ballpark) for a camp nurse for this duration? Will there be a huge difference between the usual duties I expect at my school job? (First aid, diabetes, medication, asthma, allergies, etc) I was told that the camp has someone trained to handle sports injuries, so i don't think I'll be seeing many of those.

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    I am pretty new to the School Nursing forum threads, so forgive me for not knowing if the regulars here are RNs or if there are any of us LVNs mixed in as well. As an LVN I don't get paid during summer unless I work. But I know the District Nurse and teachers usually have the option of having money saved from their checks throughout the year to help through the summer months off.
    My plan was to work in home health through the summer but now thankfully I wont have to because this summer I found a job as a camp nurse! I am so excited! I've worked as a school LVN for 2 years but this is my first year trying camp
    Maybe a part time job is a good idea? And next school year, a savings account with a little bit of secret money from each check! Even just $100/month would add up over the 10 months to help a bit for summer!

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    I won't be! I work at the Before/After school program the day after school is out to provide care for a kid but after that I'm out!