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    OK, I posted this in the hospice section, because I am now a hospice nurse and this is a hospice patient. She recently moved from another state to be with her daughter and was transferred to our agency. The doctor is very much aware of her pain. I was just wanting to know about pain control for bone pain in cancer patients, like if anyone knew of a combination of drugs that worked really well. Bone pain is the worst type of pain to help manage. Thank you for all your

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    I have a patient with lung cancer that has spread to spine. Pain is horrendous, any suggestions. Currently on Fentanly 100mcg, Percocet 10 (2) every 4hrs and Roxanol every hr as needed.

    Thanks for any help.

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    She was in her mid 40's. Not much history. Had been feeling tired for awhile, went to her doctor a couple weeks ago, he scheduled cardiolyte (which she passed). That was done a week before I saw her with Hgb of 3.2!! She was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, only lived about a month.

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    In my state we can get an auto license plate that has RN with a picture of stethoscope on it. Today I learned an Lpn in my facility has one on her car. She is not in school to obtain her her and no one in her household is an RN. I just find this strange.

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    Congrats and best wishes on taking the test. What was the content, I have been nervous about taking it, but since I haven't really done any basic math in years, that is worrisome.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Goshen Hospital Employees Fired After Refusing Mandatory Flu Shot (VIDEO)

    It sounds like the religion objection were their final hope. "I believe in God and he will protect me from the flu". Each hospital in the system is responsible for the firing of the staff, so I expect there will be more terminated.

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    Brooks Ariel for women, there's a Brook's equalivent for men, but don't know the name. It's the best Brooks style, but you could try others. I also like Merrell shoes.

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    My hospital hires student nurse techs. Same job as CNA, but you are more likely to get a job as RN if you were a tech, not always but it helps. Indiana also does not issue temp licenses anymore also. You could call HR at the local hospitals and ask what they suggest.

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    Anyone work for Corizon at one of the correctional facilities in Indiana? Would appreciate info on company, pros//cons of working for them.


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    Thats a good idea. Thanks for replying.

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    Any suggestions? I'm thinking either bath/body or flowers.

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    I have to agree. I love going to the library. But I didn't understand your comment about the T on page 32? Maybe I don't understand, cause I'm tired, I just don't think I have ever heard about this.

    Quote from imintrouble
    A kindle?
    What about the sliding noise a paper page makes when you turn it?
    The smell of paper and ink? Borrowing" the book from the library, wondering how many before you have read it, touched it. Finding the small letter "T" in the bottom inside page 32. Knowing you and the person who brands the books they read from the library on pg 32, have the same taste in books.
    I could go on and on and on. I love books. The paper pages and the crinkly cellophane like covers. The backbones that have broken and been taped. The pages with coffee stains or sometimes, rarely, tiny little fingerprints of some unknown child.
    Taking my granddaughter to the library and "shushing" her when she's too loud. Sharing with her what I love.

    My husband mentioned to me that he wanted to get me a Kindle for Christmas. I told him to buy me a book.

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    We started bedside reporting a month ago and most of us now love it. It goes much quicker with less chit/chat. As nurses we don't seem to like change, but this really isn't as bad as you think. Give it a chance.

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    When I was in nursing school many years ago, the student I was teamed with had a patient on a sips/chips diet. So she gave her a sprite and some potato chips!

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    Do you work in a hospital? What was she admitted for? Was she on steroids?