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    Thank you, I hope so. Is the Pearson trick always accurate? Is it normal to feel like I bombed it?

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    It was the most awful experience of my life. I felt like a complete idiot walking out. I didn't sleep last night I was so nervous and I have a cold so I'm in a fog. I was top of my class all throughout school and got high scores on all my ATI predictors... but I don't know.

    It turned off at 75 questions... and I got the "good" pop up from Pearson Vue... but I thought it was terrible.... does anyone have any advice or experience with this?

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    YES I did, I found out the next day after this post

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    How long after graduation did it take you to get your sit pass? I graduated 2 weeks ago and am getting really impatient... I'm ready to get this done! I have a job waiting.... I know every situation is diff but just curious at the average. I'm in FL by the way.

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    From Florida, graduated 2 weeks ago and got a job last week.. in the unit where I precepted. PCU

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    Quote from nursegwen1
    Congradulations!!!! Where do you live??
    Thank you! I'm in Florida

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    Hi everyone... just wanted to share my success story for any discouraged new grads out there.
    I just had my 3rd interview in the PCU/ICU unit I precepted in while in school. I was offered the job!!! I can't believe it, I haven't even taken my boards yet and just finished school last week. I am really excited.
    I just wanted to give hope to the newbies out there like me who think there are no jobs because of what people tell them.

    Good luck to all of you job hunting, don't give up!!

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    Hi all,

    I'm a new graduate nurse (waiting to sit for my RN boards). I posted yesterday about having an interview at the hospital in the unit I precepted in (with the charge nurse). It was my 3RD interview (a panel) and it went really well. The HR person discussed pay, benefits, and orientation for new employees. Prior to the interview, two employees of the hospital (both my nursing instructors) called on my behalf. The nurse manager told me that she "usually wouldn't even consider a new grad for a critical care unit, however, you spent five years in law enforcement, so that shows me you can critically think. In addition, you come with rave reviews from my staff".

    They told me I should hear from them within the next 2-3 days. Does this sound positive? I guess I will call by Monday if I haven't heard... any thoughts while I sweat?

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    Suz, I didn't mention I have already had a screening interview with HR and an informal phone interview with nurse manager of unit before this... so this would be my 3rd interview... whew.. lol.

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    Thank you Suz! I appreciate your response and advice, it is helpful. Obviously every facility is different... but do you have any idea if there's any chance of them telling me right away if I got the job or should I expect a long wait?

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Katie and I am a new grad in Florida. I finished school last week and have my first interview tomorrow. The position is for PCU in the hospital I precepted in. I was told by the HR employee that it will be a "panel" interview. I am beyond nervous... should I expect scenario questions as a new grad? I have been studying possible questions, have a nice suit to wear, resume/cover letter/3 letters of recommendation from clinical instructors... What else can I do? Thanks in advance!!!

    ETA: I precepted with the charge nurse in this unit and have already met the nurse manager and director of the unit. Will this help my chances at all?