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    How did everyone who ending up going through the program like it? Was it worth it and the cost?

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    Thanks to everyone that called! Hopefully soon we'll get that email!

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    Did the exam closely resemble the math sample they gave out?

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    Glad to see theres others that applied! I haven't received a math email either. Does anyone have a sample or any idea about the curriculum plan? I can't find any information on it and would like to know which classes we would be taking.

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    I applied for the accelerated BSN at Mount Saint Mary's University in L.A. for Fall 2015. I hadn't seen a thread created yet so thought to make one! Wondering if anybody out there applied and waiting as well?

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    Hey ruby0810! I applied for this Summer 2015!

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    I am interested in a Direct Entry MSN to become a NP (I have my bachelors in Psychology). Should I go to a program that will grant you a BSN along the way? There are programs that you only get your RN license and MSN at the end.

    OR should I do an accelerated BSN and then a MSN?

    What looks better for employers?

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    I am interested in working in the field of Women's Health/OB/GYN. Alot of jobs I've seen hire either one for the job. I will be applying to soon to programs but I'm not sure what route to take. I have my bachelors in a different field. It'd be around $60,000 for the PA program and $100,000 for the accelerated BSN and NP around where I am. That's a big difference.

    However, for this field, is it better to be a NP or a PA and why?
    If its an NP, Id preferably like the WHNP route as I have no interest in FNP but have been reading lately that the FNP would be marketable if I couldn't find a job right away in women's health.

    My other question is from NPs out there or pple who know them, like the additional independence of being a NP? PAs are supervised by physicians and although I love independence, perhaps having someone to 'turn to' and not being as responsible would be also valuable things. I'm really confused on this one.

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    About my situation- Ill be finishing my BA in Psych this May. My ultimate goal is to work in Women's Health/OB/GYN area either as a NP or a PA.

    My option is either an accelerated BSN and Masters in NP which take around 3 years. whereas the PA would be around 2 (but roughly the same in my case as the PA programs require more preq. courses I need to complete).

    PA would cost less since its only one degree. However, I love living abroad sometimes and aware that PAs aren't really well known anywhere else. However, are accelerated BSN programs not accepted in other countries anyways? (Mostly interested in Latin America, Europe (not UK) or Australia). If so, I'd be screwed either way on that one.
    Where can I find more information of what countries require?

    I have fear that I'll be entering a NP program before 2015 but not graduating until after that date and I'm confused as if I'll need to complete a DNP (in that case PA would probably be smarter).

    I'm just confused on route to take specific to my situation and any information pertaining to these questions or any additional insight would be greatly appreciated!