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Mount Saint Mary's ABSN Fall 2015

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I applied for the accelerated BSN at Mount Saint Mary's University in L.A. for Fall 2015. I hadn't seen a thread created yet so thought to make one! Wondering if anybody out there applied and waiting as well?

Hello!!! I am also nursing school hopeful! I have been trolling this site for awhile,without ever commenting, but when I saw your post I felt compelled to respond. I, too, applied for MSMU ABSN for Fall 2015. No word yet, just "application in review". I was told that in the next week or so they would send out information regarding the math test and that interviews would be held around mid-May, with the final acceptance letters going out in June. The wait (& the entire process) can be pretty nerve wrecking. :nailbiting: Lol! Good luck to all who applied & I hope we end up being classmates in the not too distant future!!:)


I also applied for Fall 2015. I've been checking this website daily to see if there was a thread! I'm so glad you made one! Im so anxious to hear some news! Hopefully this week we get math test emails!

Hello! I also applied for Fall 2015. I have been trying to wait patiently for the information about the math test. I was going to call today but I am glad that you already did and we will hopefully be hearing something soon. Good luck :)

So.... Still no word yet about the math test. Hoping we hear something soon! :lol2:

Glad to see theres others that applied! I haven't received a math email either. Does anyone have a sample or any idea about the curriculum plan? I can't find any information on it and would like to know which classes we would be taking.

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I received an invitation to take the math exam on fri and the same email today. I will be withdrawing my application because due to cost and have already committed to another program. Good luck!

I also received an email with a math exam invite on Friday and another today. I'm not sure about the curriculum plan but I do remember seeing a sample outline of the timeline on the website.

On the MSMU website there is a list called course descriptions detailing all required classes. It is set up for the traditional BSN but I believe all the coursework is the same... the ABSN just has more units per semester (20 units in the 1st, 18-21 units in the 2nd & 18 units in the final semester). Hopefully I get an invite soon! Fingers crossed!

Hi! I also recieved an email for the math exam on Friday and today. The email was actually in the Promotions inbox of my gmail account, so make sure you check your spam folder and what not. They said they're aiming to have admission decisions done by the end of May, so not too long from now! Good luck to everyone :)

I've been trolling this website for a year too!

I just got my email yesterday and RSVP'd to take the math test for Friday the 1st.

A bit stressed since I'm completing IP classes and have to find some time review the math on the practice exam.

I also received the e-mail last Friday. I will be taking it Wednesday April 29. Good luck to everyone!!

Hey Shann14,

Did they send you a confirmation email when you scheduled the math exam? I've been expecting it but I never really know.

I also registered for Wednesday April 29! I just spoke to admissions and she said I should expect the confirmation email on Friday sometime. So maybe it gets sent just a couple days before the exam.

Thanks a bunch for the info. Good luck all to those taking it!

Hey Shann14,

Did they send you a confirmation email when you scheduled the math exam? I've been expecting it but I never really know.

I haven't received a confirmation e-mail yet.

Hi everyone!

I too applied for the MSMU ABSN Fall 2015 and will be taking the math exam Saturday, May 2nd 12-2pm. I just called to ask because I have not received a confirmation email and was told one would be sent closer to the exam date (next week).

anybody feel like that math test was shorter than anticipated?

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