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  • Apr 20 '15

    Hello!!! I am also nursing school hopeful! I have been trolling this site for awhile,without ever commenting, but when I saw your post I felt compelled to respond. I, too, applied for MSMU ABSN for Fall 2015. No word yet, just "application in review". I was told that in the next week or so they would send out information regarding the math test and that interviews would be held around mid-May, with the final acceptance letters going out in June. The wait (& the entire process) can be pretty nerve wrecking. Lol! Good luck to all who applied & I hope we end up being classmates in the not too distant future!!

  • Apr 20 '15


    I also applied for Fall 2015. I've been checking this website daily to see if there was a thread! I'm so glad you made one! Im so anxious to hear some news! Hopefully this week we get math test emails!

  • Apr 20 '15

    Hello! I also applied for Fall 2015. I have been trying to wait patiently for the information about the math test. I was going to call today but I am glad that you already did and we will hopefully be hearing something soon. Good luck