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    Received my rejection letter--I wasn't surprised because even though my GPA is high, I'm not done with my volunteer work and it seems that everyone has either work or volunteer experience. I also was very apprehensive about the extremely high tuition, but it would have been nice to hear a "yes" even if I wouldn't have attended.

    Good luck to everyone attending USF next year!!

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    Congrats to everyone who got admitted! I'm in SoCal so I'm assuming (hoping with fingers crossed, really) that it's on the way. Didn't have anything today...we'll see tomorrow or Monday. I hate snail mail!

    Mperal10--I wasn't aware that we could/should send in more than one letter. I remember reading something somewhere about just sending in one...hope I didn't read that wrong. I had three total professors who were willing to write letters but I just asked one.

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    Thanks ladies, that makes me feel better. I've applied to a few schools in both San Fran and San Diego (where I currently live) because I'm not sure where ill be living next semester. My husband has applied to Berkeley and if he gets in we'll be moving north--if not then we'll stay in San Diego. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed to move).

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    I applied as well, but I'm not hopeful because I realized that even though my professor said she sent my letter of recommendation in the beginning of January it is dated as received on Jan 22--a full week after the deadline. Hopefully one of my other choices will pull through but I'm still watching the mail.

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    Yes, I guess my full explanations of what was on my test wasn't allowed--sorry! Rules understood now.

    As far as the questions regarding the test booklets--I think that the ATI is absolute necessary for you to know what will be on the test, don't get me wrong. It has 97% of what you need to know and the only section I thought was lacking was the science section. I have the McGraw "Nursing School Entrance Exams", which is not specific to the TEAS but has the same science section as the other TEAS specific book (my friend has one of those and we compared). I thought that after going over the science in the ATI book that then supplementing with the extra info in the McGraw was best. I think if you know those sections backwards and forwards then you're golden. I thought there was more chemistry related questions that just straight biology or anatomy.

    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't have notifications set up for my posts. I've changed that now so if you have questions then let me know.

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    I got the same email--I'm not to that point either, I'm applying to nursing schools now. But I'd love to know what they have to say too. We should just go and say we're graduating so we can have an idea, haha.

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    It's hard to say because you're not telling where you are getting your points from. SDSU? San Marcos? Grossmont? SWC? SD City? Each program has different point systems so 59 point out of a total of 75 and a total of 90 could be a drastic difference.

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    I feel the way you do--I'm applying right now but I won't start nursing school until I'm at least 30 and possibly 31, if I don't get accepted with the first round because I'm not done with my last prereq or my volunteer work. That will put me at 33-35 when I'm done, depending on the program I get into. I would also like to find a job, and being in CA I feel that's almost harder than getting into a nursing school. Then I'd like to be somewhere for at least a year before I start asking for maternity leave. By that time my husband with be in his early 40's......

    I could think about the "what if's" all day long but the bottomline is that if I were to have a baby now then I feel that the chances of me not finishing are much greater than if I just put my head down and get to work now. Plus, I don't want to have to have the stress I have now about school and have a baby at the same time (I don't know how you mothers do it). I think that doing your program is the best idea and then find a job and see what happens. When you're done with school you're done and then you have all of that time to focus on your family.

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    No problem guys! I just wanted to pass along any and all info I could think of--I spent so much time stressing over the test and I hope that this can help others to focus their studying. Good luck!

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    @hope1202 I used the Nursing School Entrance Exam McGraw book but I believe that the science section in any McGraw book , especially the TEAS specific books, will have the same information. A friend of mine has a different version and the science looked exactly the same. I bought it on Amazon.

    As far as advice on how to study, I wrote three paragraphs under the bolded words How I Studied above.

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    I took the TEAS test yesterday after two extremely intense weeks of studying and I got a 90.7%. Hurray! I was super excited and I felt that my hard work had paid off, so I thought I would share a few tips and some general thoughts on the test and hopefully they will help someone else who is about to take the test.....

    I bought and studied the ATI Study Guide, but I also bought the McGraw study guide but barely cracked it open. I am also fresh off of taking Microbiology and Organic Chemistry so science is super fresh on my brain. That said, I still struggled with the science portion the most (as most of you have/will). I studied that section backwards and forwards but with every practice test I still missed about 8 of the questions, especially in the chemistry and life science portion so that is where I focused my time.

    How I studied:

    About two weeks out from the test I started going through the study guide, doing the math and science questions first because those are my weakest areas. Twice that week I got together with some girls to study and that was really helpful with math/science. I would not say that the math sections were hard but it had been so long since I had done any math. If math is your weak area then I think that the study guide really gives you everything you need for the test and there won't be anything crazy thrown in, but really know and understand the concepts because there are many two step questions where you will have to do a first step to get one answer and then use that answer in a second step.

    About one week out I started doing the practice tests in the book. I did one or two sections of each practice test and when I was taking the test I starred questions I felt that I needed to brush up on, even if I got the answer right. Starting this early made it easier to really understand the concept and make sure I didn't feel weak in any areas. I did the practice tests over the course of a few days and just generally took my time doing them. Anything I felt weak on or that I thought I needed to go over I put down on a "cheat sheet". I would carry that paper with me in my purse and to work and when I had 10mins I would look it over or ask someone to quiz me on what I had written down. I think this was really important in how I retained the info because I didn't try to cram it in at the last minute.

    My thoughts on the online practice test:

    Now here's where I got really stressed: I paid for and took the online practice test the night before my actual test. When I started the test and I completed question one the ATI site locked up and I couldn't click on anything! It was so frustrating! I eventually had to switch to my husbands laptop and finish the test that way but it took over an hour of trying to get it to work before I started it again.

    And I read it here before I took the test and I will say it again.....THE ONLINE PRACTICE TEST WAS EXPONENTIALLY HARDER THAN THE ACTUAL TEST. I mean, crazy harder. I knowt that's just my opinion but I got a 76% on the practice test and I was so upset! I felt that all of the work that I had been doing for the prior two weeks wasn't paying off. I was really discouraged and went to bed early, feeling like crap. I even woke up and thought about rescheduling the test because I felt like maybe I needed time to study. But you know what? I knew I had studied hard and I was tired of studying, honestly. So I took it, sweaty palms and all, and got a score I'm happy with (even though I keep going over all of the questions I know I got wrong and thinking, "What if?!?").

    So my advice would be to buy and take an online practice test so you can get a feel for what it will be like but do not psyche yourself out over it. There were some questions on there that helped me in the long run on the actual test so I think it's worth it.

    Here are the main subjects I would suggest studying:

    Ok--that was a novel for you, but I hope that this helps someone else because I would have loved to know all of this info before I went into it. Good luck and if you have questions then you can message me--happy studying!

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    I live in San Diego and I took the TEAS at SDSU yesterday and got a 90.7%. I read everything over about two weeks prior and then went really indepth about 1 week out. I did the practice tests in the book, looked up every single answer that I got wrong, made myself a study sheet with the science portion of the areas I felt weak in, studied with 2 other girls from my classes, and took an online practice test. But beware--I found the online practice test to be 10x harder than the actual test so I would suggest taking it but don't get discouraged. I took it the night before my test and got a 76% and was so stressed out when I didn't need to be--the actual test was much easier.

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    You'll do well--you said you have a great GPA and you know the information, it's not new to you. Plus you already took the test once so you know what to expect and you know how everything is set up. I felt that the study manual gave me all of the pertinent information for the reading, grammar, and math secrtions (I thought the science could have gone more in depth, but you said you don't need the science part). Do you find that you don't take tests well or do you think this was just a fluke and maybe you didn't put in the study time that you should have? Either way, just make sure to read each question thoroughly and really understand what the question is asking. Eat a good meal before hand and just relax--you'll do great.

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    I'm having a bit of a freak out right now, haha, so hopefully you all can help.

    I am applying to USF and the last part of the application process for me is to send a letter of recommendation. My microbiology professor offered to write one for me at the end of the fall semester and I email him almost two weeks ago about it and haven't heard back. I need to send in the letter before the 15th of this month (so the end of this week) and I'm worried that he won't get back to me so I'm on to Plan B.

    Plan B was for my the supervisor at my work to write a letter for me. He agreed and today I went online to make sure of the specifics and I saw that a "Recommendation Form" must be sent with it, and the form is specifically for a teacher to fill out about their relationship with me.

    Does this mean that I can't have my work supervisor write the letter and that it must be from a teacher? If so then I don't know what to do. Or is this just IF you have a professor writing the letter?

    Thanks so much, I appreciate the feedback.

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    When turning in application packets for nursing programs, should we include the forms and applications that are requested inside a folder? It does not specify how to send the information and I wonder if sending inside of a folder is preferred. I've seen some college that say, "Do not put inside of a folder", but for others that don't specify then I wonder how they would like the papers presented.

    Thanks! This application process is so stressful.