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    ]I am currently in my second semesterof the ADN program. I am doing a presentation over tuberculosis which is dueone Tuesday 02/19/13. I have completed the presentation but we are required toprovide a nursing journal article related to the topic we were eachindividually assigned. I am having the hardest time finding a "NursingJournal Article" over Tuberculosis and would highly appreciate it ifanyone could help me out. I have spent hours trying to find one. It has to bepublished in the U.S. and must be within the past 5 years. Any suggestionswould really be helpful. Thanks

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    yes fundamentals and health assessment. just got through my first week, i will do whatever it takes to get through this, thanks for the tips i can use any help i can get

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    its day four and i am already very overwhelmed with the amount of work that has to be done in such little time. if anyone has studying tips and tips on how to organize and manage your time with studying and getting ready for exams i could use the advice. thanks