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  • Dec 7 '16

    Agree with PP- you may have a very hard time finding a pediatrics only derm practice.

  • Dec 7 '16

    You're educational program has unfortunately limited you legally to only working with children. You'd have to go back for a post master's certificate in FNP if you wanted to work in dermatology in all age groups. You can do derm in peds only if you wanted.

  • Apr 16 '13

    I think one year NICU would be good experience for an FNP program. Many students that apply, and are accepted, have never even practiced as a nurse. You have practiced as a nurse, know how act and think like a nurse, and have discovered one of many areas that you do not prefer long term. FNP would give you a nice broad range to experience, and I can't see NICU experience being a hinderance. Good luck to you.

  • Nov 7 '12

    Don't forget about getting your CCRN. Also, take a graduate level stats course, admission committees like that. And get involved with a research project if you can.