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    I also liked the Saunders Comprehensive book. I took Kaplan as well- I was fortunate to have a great teacher for the class, found the qtrainers to be very helpful...didn't even use the q-bank. I did not like the course book Kaplan provides, however. Saunders was much better in terms of content review.

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    You will make it! It sounds like you have been studying pretty hard...maybe you need to step away from it, take a break, try to have some fun...maybe hang out with some friends or get some exercise?
    I tried to limit my studying to 4-5 hours a day max...taking multiple breaks in between.

    Once you've done q trainer it in chunks- it took me 3-4 hours to do it.
    If you get questions wrong- who cares? Once you read the rationale and strategy then you'll understand why you got it wrong!
    I just found out I passed today- if I can do it YOU can do it! Take a deep breath and relax!
    Good luck!

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    Holy cow!!!
    I PASSED!!!!
    I just found out this morning...a friend checked the BRN website...I honestly didn't think it would be up today, and wasn't planning on looking at all.
    Amazing! What amazing news! I am so happy. Now I can just RELAX, enjoy my weekend, and start work Monday knowing that I am a NURSE!!!
    Thanks so much everyone for your support...Allnurses really got me through these last few days!
    Jen, RN !!!!

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    Quote from tutugirlBSN
    I am sorry you have not gotten your results yet. How long does it take for california to post results? I guess it's different everywhere.
    Most of my friends have found out within a week via a link on the CA BRN website. 3 days at the earliest. My friend who took her test on a Wednesday received her results on the following Monday. We don't have quick results here in California.
    Thanks for all your continued comments everyone... on a bit of a rollercoaster

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    Hi Bunker,
    I know someone from my class who got 265 and passed. I'm waiting for my test results, I empathize with your anxiety. My computer shut off at 75 questions, and I don't feel like I passed! In some ways, I wish I had had more questions...but regardless of the number of questions you receive, the NCLEX is the goofiest, worst test ever. AND regardless of the number of questions remember: about 85% of candidates taking the test for the first time pass the NCLEX!
    Try to do something fun to take your mind off of the test (easier said than done, I know), and stay positive! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
    Good luck!

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    Congratulations to you TutugirlBSN!!! ...You mean the happiest young NURSE in Boston!!!

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    Congratulations, Nurse !!! How wonderful!!!

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    Thanks everyone so much for you support...for those still waiting (tutugirlBSN and jessi1106) I will try to think positively for all of us! Nothing on the BRN website today...but I am in California and it takes awhile here...hopefully Monday or Tuesday? Most of my friends found out in less than a week.
    Congratulations nurseinthemaking!! You ARE a NURSE!!!
    ...I'm feeling much better today, even if things don't go well, I think I can handle it now.

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    Thanks norcalRNstudent!
    Your response helps and I appreciate it!
    I know that the odds are in my favor... But I just keep thinking "what if..." Gotta stop that!
    Thanks again!

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    Hi angelbiss75,
    I feel the same way! I just took the NCLEX yesterday as well. I can relate: my computer shut off at 75. I felt like...that was it? Are you kidding me? I was just getting started! I'm certain that I failed. I haven't felt this bad in a long time. Hang in there. You'll know in a few Tweety said- try to do something fun/ relaxing to get your mind off of it (thanks, Tweety...I'll try to follow that advice, too). Good luck to you!

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    Hi all,
    Looking for some words of encouragement please!
    I took my NCLEX yesterday. My test shut off at 75. It took me a little under 2 hours. Feels like a blur...I can't remember a lot of specific questions. I had about 5 select all that apply (which I rarely get right) One problem that had a med calculation. Lots of questions with meds that I had no idea about/ never heard of. Lots of who would you see first kind of questions. Only one question that involved lab values. I know I got some wrong (I was stupid and tried to look up answers afterwards...not a good way to decrease my sky high anxiety). I know I got some right.
    I did Kaplan (last 3 Q-Trainers: 62, 66, readniess test was in the passing range), answered every question in the Saunders comprehensive book. My ATI gave me a 95% probability of passing. BUT...
    I feel like I failed, which I know is pretty normal.
    I was doing okay until last night, when I became convinced that I would be the only person out of our class that fails (humiliating). I started thinking about if I fail, my employer may not be able to hold my job...I'll have to find another non-nursing job, and study again! It's only been 24 hours since the test and I'm driving my fiancé crazy.
    I feel so depressed. I have orientation on Monday at the hospital that hopefully I'll be working for ...which I can't even imagine being able to get enough of a grip to attend to right now. This waiting game is horrible. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
    Any words of encouragement, stories about your testing experience, advice on how you coped would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and good luck to everyone else who is waiting for their results!

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    You should check out a (long!!) thread I started a while back: Are you a nurse from a dysfunctional family?
    So similar to your questioning! It's funny how concerned I was about it back then.
    I think my experiences with my family have made me more compassionate...I've also had to watch myself closely, mostly at first during my Mental Health rotation in school- just to make sure that I was reacting to the client/ patient and THEIR needs, not mine. I wouldn't say it has been a problem per se...because I have been aware and careful of dragging my baggage into the therapeutic relationship.

    I haven't found that it is important to verbalize to the patient that you have had similar experiences. I let my empathy inform the process, but I have not ever felt it would be a good idea to get into specifics with the patient.

    I still want to go into Psych nursing (I'm a new grad as of this May! Woo hoo!)...I'm really excited about it!

    I love my family, despite all of our differences and difficulties.

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    There is an alternative therapies/ nursing forum...go to the Nursing Specialty Forum, and it is under the "Holistic Nursing" sub- forum.

    As far as whether you should go into nursing or not, obviously you are the one who ultimately has to make that decision. I agree with you that "western" medicine too often stresses surgery and drugs over prevention, education, and less invasive treatments. I think most would agree our current healthcare system is a mess. But, I also think it is a very exciting time to be in the field.
    Traditional medicine is starting to take alternative therapies seriously. Also, as Tweety posted...modern medicine is capable of some truly amazing things. I think the trend toward prevention and alternative therapies is slow moving, but it does exist. I also agree with Emma123 that the current system absolutely needs more nurses who are good patient advocates. It sounds like you would be excellent at that!
    Tough decision. I have also thought of studying alternative medicine...I'm about to enter an accelerated BSN program in a few days...but just today I had an acupuncture treatment for back pain. So, there are others like you out there. What ever you choose will be the right decision for you. Good luck.

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    Sorry to give you some more bad news, but I don't trust kaiser because of their reputation of being notorious for misdiagnosing
    That's okay! I appreciate all responses at this point. I'm sure I'm going to hear all kinds of info, opinions, good and bad...thanks Studentnursebean.

    Liked your additional info on the "lift teams" too, Haunted. Being a new student nurse, I'm anxious about a lot of of them being a chronic back injury that I have. It's good to know that Kaiser has lift teams, (at least at the location you mentioned Haunted)...but if it takes them 2-3 hrs to reach a location when paged.....

    Also, not sure about the insurance question Tinyscrafts...seems unlikely that it would be mandatory. I did ask the rep during my interview about benefits, but wasn't thinking about it in terms of my "family" boyfriend and I live together, but aren't he can't be covered by any insurance I may obtain. Like I said, I'm going to try to meet with the rep again...I will try to ask about more specifics.
    Thanks again guys for the input!

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    Well, only 2 weeks left before school starts. Just barely completed all of the health requirements....still dealing with some financial aid stuff...still waiting to hear back about malpractice insurance...that is taking a looong time. Thought I would have been much better about reviewing A&P (still have 2 weeks to do so!) but boy, life, jobs, all this other prep work just kept me busier than I imagined. I just hope to enjoy these last two weeks of my "normal" life....but I am also excited about school, and continuing the path to becoming a nurse.
    I was hoping to get some response on this thread.. oh well...if anyone is out there, you can always PM me instead of posting.
    Good luck to ANYONE about to start nursing school!