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    Wow...this gotta be like NLE... or NCLEX... all choices seemed to be right for the scenario. But, of course, there's only one correct answer hehe... so i choose....

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    Wow this is really great! Thank you for sharing this very informative suggestions/advise. God bless u.

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    @Silverdragon102: Hi. I'm sorry for my late reply. I didn't log-in or browse the net for almost two days. Thank u very much for the clarification about CES and the link.

    @steppybay: Hi. I also want to apologize to you for my late reply. I didn't log-in or browse the net for almost two days. I really appreciate your very informative insight. You are absolutely right! It makes more sense the way you put it that I have to choose the state where I wanna settle in. I will think of this thoroughly then. Thank you. Before, I was thinking of maybe there's a state that I can pass NCLEX faster and be USRN right away so that I could help out my family already. Now that you have mentioned about settling-in, it got me thinking double time or actually its more like stunned. I guess I really have to look into a lot of things before deciding which state then. Ahm, may i ask you if you don't mind, where do u work now or which state u have chosen to be an RN? How is the treatment of foreign nurses there? How much roughly is the pay and the benefits for newly hired RN and without field experience except school related or few hospital exposures? Are there any sign-in bonuses? How's the climate or living expenses? Where should I work first, in the nursing home or hospital or somewhere else? Sorry, I have too many questions. I just want to have a general idea of things I have to look at and have an idea of how it is in your state. So, I hope you don't mind me asking those questions. But, if you do, then I understand. Again, thank you for your reply and in advance. :spin:

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    Congratulations! Great job! That is really amazing! I wish I could do the same in the future. God bless you more and good luck in all your other endeavors.

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    I tried to look at the IL BON long time ago and it has a lot of links and I got lost - couldn't find the information that I was looking for. I gave up at some point since I was not graduating yet during that time. But, I will take a look at it again. Thank you.
    By the way, what is CES?
    4 months is not bad...I do hope that I don't have to take CGFNS exam anymore.
    Again, thanks for your reply.

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    Hi guys! I am curious as to what are the Illinois Board of Nursing requirements now in admitting or approving NCLEX application for those who just graduated BSN in the Philippines and is a dual-citizen (Filipino-American). I am a 4th yr Nursing Student here in the Philippines and planning to take the local board (NLE).

    Does Illinois Board of Nursing have the same strict rules in RLE like California BON does?
    How long does it take for Illinois BON to process the application for NCLEX?
    Are there any other special requirements?
    Do they still need CGFNS exams? TOEFL exams?
    Is it better to take NCLEX here in the Philippines after I have passed the local board exam (NLE)? Or am I better off taking it in Illinois?
    Should I really have to take the local board?

    Which state actually has the fewest requirements of all and not that strict when it comes to approving application for NCLEX?

    Your comments/suggestions/response is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you. :redpinkhe

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    Oh sorry about that...I didn't know where to put it. Thank you.

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    Hi everyone! First, I wanted you to know that I'm so happy that you have this site running and kept it free for us to register. Thank you very much for that. I'm new to this site and I have read some of the posts but I couldn't find the same topic as what I have in mind and have trouble with.

    Here's my dilemma: I have dual citizenship and I'm currently a 4th yr. nursing student here in the Philippines. I'm worried about what to put on my application for licensure when it comes to "Citizenship".

    1st question: Should I write: Filipino? American? or Dual or Fil-Am? (on the PRC application form)

    But when I registered for the college, I wrote: "Filipino" in the "Nationality" section since I'm naturally born here in the Philippines. They also didn't ask for Citizenship so I figured I'm better off putting "Filipino" only.

    2nd question: Did I make a mistake by doing that? Should I get it corrected into putting "Fil-Am" or "Dual" on my school registration because it will soon reflect on my transcript?

    3rd question: Does it really matter what I put in "Nationality" or "Citizenship" when applying for the local boards (NLE) and US board (NCLEX)?

    4th question: Would there be any problems if I don't write "Dual" or "Fil-Am" on both the school registration(which eventually
    will be shown on the transcript) and on the PRC application form? Would I get denied for taking the NCLEX because on my transcript and PRC ID, it would show "Filipino" only as my nationality or citizenship?

    5th question: What should I write for the NCLEX application form in the future?

    6th question: If I wrote "Dual" or "Fil-Am", will the fees for both NLE and NCLEX be higher than having one citizenship - Filipino only or American only?

    Maybe some of my questions seemed redundant, but I just don't know how to ask it without being so. Pls. help me out here...I've been straining myself with these questions and I'm really worried that if I continue to write "Filipino" only on both my school registration and on the PRC application for licensure and if ever I passed the NLE, I will have problems in applying for NCLEX because my Citizenship on both transcript and PRC ID is "Filipino" only even though I'm also naturalized American. I badly need your input or suggestions or comments on this. Pls. advise. Thank you in advance.