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  1. What should I write on both NLE and NCLEX application forms?

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      Filipino only
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Hi everyone! First, I wanted you to know that I'm so happy that you have this site running and kept it free for us to register. :thankya:Thank you very much for that. :) I'm new to this site and I have read some of the posts but I couldn't find the same topic as what I have in mind and have trouble with.

Here's my dilemma: I have dual citizenship and I'm currently a 4th yr. nursing student here in the Philippines. I'm worried about what to put on my application for licensure when it comes to "Citizenship".

1st question: Should I write: Filipino? American? or Dual or Fil-Am? (on the PRC application form)

But when I registered for the college, I wrote: "Filipino" in the "Nationality" section since I'm naturally born here in the Philippines. They also didn't ask for Citizenship so I figured I'm better off putting "Filipino" only.

2nd question: Did I make a mistake by doing that? Should I get it corrected into putting "Fil-Am" or "Dual" on my school registration because it will soon reflect on my transcript?

3rd question: Does it really matter what I put in "Nationality" or "Citizenship" when applying for the local boards (NLE) and US board (NCLEX)?

4th question: Would there be any problems if I don't write "Dual" or "Fil-Am" on both the school registration(which eventually will be shown on the transcript) and on the PRC application form? Would I get denied for taking the NCLEX because on my transcript and PRC ID, it would show "Filipino" only as my nationality or citizenship?

5th question: What should I write for the NCLEX application form in the future?

6th question: If I wrote "Dual" or "Fil-Am", will the fees for both NLE and NCLEX be higher than having one citizenship - Filipino only or American only?

Maybe some of my questions seemed redundant, but I just don't know how to ask it without being so. Pls. help me out here...I've been straining myself with these questions and I'm really worried that if I continue to write "Filipino" only on both my school registration and on the PRC application for licensure and if ever I passed the NLE, I will have problems in applying for NCLEX because my Citizenship on both transcript and PRC ID is "Filipino" only even though I'm also naturalized American. I badly need your input or suggestions or comments on this. Pls. advise. Thank you in advance. :loveya:

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Oh sorry about that...I didn't know where to put it. Thank you.

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