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    I am a licensed Esthetician and have just started my first semester at a community college taking prerequisites in hopes of getting excepted into the Associate Nursing program. I've heard from a few people in the last few days that there are no longer job opportunities for RN's with AS. Am I wasting my time with this? Will I be able to find a job?

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    I am freaking out here...I am currently enrolled in a few prerequisites that an advisor told me I needed in order to apply for 2013 Associate Nursing Degree program. I started classes on Monday. After mentioning my plans in my communications class the teacher said the there are no longer job opportunities with an AS degree. I asked a friend of mine who is almost done with her bachelors and she said it was just the one of the health systems in our area that are requiring the BS. Does this happen alot? Am I wasting my time only going for my associates?