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    I have to retake the math it wasn't hard at all I jus think I mayb did sum wrong calculataions. I wear glasses but of course i didnt wear thm to test and i had such a hard time looking at that computer screen I could barely see the calculator symbols

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    Thanks sirena922 roughly how many questions are in each section and do u think the time they give you to test is enough without feeling rushed I had a 385 on the wonderlic math portion and my rep told me I shouldn't worry the test are similar but I don't feel they are. What are your thoughts and was there anything on the test that wasn't in the study guide

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    Looking for any recent grads or students from Everest. I would like to get some info on how the program is ran how the instructors teach and so on. I take my hesi Saturday and looking to get into the evening program so if anyones out there that would like to share their experirence I would love to hear it. Thanx in advance !!

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    Hi I'm currently in the process of getting into the oct. 2014 eve. Program. What class will u be in day or eve and how was the hesi im scheduled to test this Saturday I'm nervous ... what should I expect on the exam ???

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    thank so much, i wish i had this info months ago i could be starting the sept. class but im gonna check on the jan. class, im on a wait list for jan. at dorsey but everest is much closer and considering i have kids to drop off and pick up at school its very convenient for me...thanks again

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    im currently a cna looking for a nursing program i can get rite into and im really interested in geting into the lpn program at everest , is there anybody that has taken the program, currently in the program , or has graduted that could give me some well needed information about the ins and outs as far as entrance exams, financial aide, the basics of getting enrolled, is there a waiting list and anything else you feel would be important info i can use...thanks in advance ladies (and fellas) : )