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im currently a cna looking for a nursing program i can get rite into and im really interested in geting into the lpn program at everest , is there anybody that has taken the program, currently in the program , or has graduted that could give me some well needed information about the ins and outs as far as entrance exams, financial aide, the basics of getting enrolled, is there a waiting list and anything else you feel would be important info i can use...thanks in advance ladies (and fellas) : )

I start the Everest Full Time PN Program on September 4th. There is an entrance exam that you must pass in order to apply to the program. There are math, medical terminology, and comprehension portions of the test. Pending your results of your entrance exam, you have a number of consultations with the admissions and financial aid departments to determine your likelihood of being accepted into the program and how you will pay for the program. (Financial aid is available). Factors that determine your admission are how you scored on the exam, CNA certification and any work experience (not necessary but it helps increase your chances), High School Transcripts and GPA, Essay. You will have a background check and drug screen. If everything comes back clear, then you have an interview with the nursing department. The nursing department ultimately decides upon who gets accepted into the program. There is no waiting list, but admission is highly competitive. They only accept 40 students per cohort and there are 3 full time cohorts that start per year...Fall, Winter, and Summer. A lot of people try to get into the program so the sooner you get all of your stuff completed the higher your chances of getting admitted over everyone else. If I'm not mistaken, they have started the examinations for the January cohort by now since everything is generally finished for us starting on September 4th. So if you want to start in January, try to get up to the school as soon as you can to get the ball rolling! Good luck!

thank so much, i wish i had this info months ago i could be starting the sept. class but im gonna check on the jan. class, im on a wait list for jan. at dorsey but everest is much closer and considering i have kids to drop off and pick up at school its very convenient for me...thanks again

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Is this chat still open? Anyone currently enrolled or someone that has attended that could give me some info on everest?

Jasmineelaine143 I got accepted into the program but don't start until June. I can give you an overview of the admissions process. You can set up an appointment with an admissions advisor. There they will tell you what all you need to do to get into the program. You have to take the HESI test and write an essay. When you pass the test they get you right over to the financial advisor to do your financial aid. You have to fill out quite a few papers so be prepared. If you trying to get in ASAP I recommend you get the process started now. Message me if you have anymore questions!

Ciamone are you still there. I start the night class tomorrow. How is it

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