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  • Aug 19 '12

    Quote from lifeisgood2012
    Actually, I wasn't trying to learn my skills through youtube OP - it was a suggestion - a supportive suggestion -
    made to me after I lost my job during my probationary period as a new nurse. When I was in a very low
    You can't fix stupid? Wow.
    I am not stupid.
    If you are going to take the energy to make a post like this at least get the facts straight. I may
    not have the experience as a brand new nurse like seasoned nurses do, but I hope I always have the
    compassion to be supportive.
    You were once a brand new nurse too.
    And so what if I do end up watching youtube videos? At least I have the courage to dust myself off and try
    again after getting punched in the stomach. At least I am not afraid of asking for help when I need it - even
    at my lowest point. I don't ever want to be the type of person that has to lift myself up by pushing someone
    else down even lower.

    I apologize this happened to you. God Bless you and I wish you the best.