Studying Pharm for Nclex....Need study tips!!!!

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I am studying for my boards and am having trouble with pharm. It seems as if nothing is sinking in and it's all running together in my head! What was your best method for learning drugs classification and all that need to know info in each classification? I had trouble with it through school also and I did ask for help but it didn't seem to help much and I passed my pharm class with a B and I don't know how because I feel so lost with drug classification.

Thank you!!

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Moved to the NCLEX forum. There have been a few threads over the last couple of days discussing this subject suggest a look around

hey i saw a previous post from you on another thread. i just wanted to know how did you go about applying to take your nclex pn after being dismissed from your adn program? and what state are you in?

I am in Oklahoma and I actually met the requirements to sit for the PN boards after my 3rd semester out of my 5 semester program. I only failed the last semester before being dismissed. I actually decided to sit for my LPN boards and just go to work for a little while as an LPN (if I pass my boards!) and then I am giving myself a year of working as a nurse before I decide whether to continue pursuing my nursing education and complete a bridge program or start a teaching career. I'm sure it will probably be nursing though, I do love caring for people and I'm sure that if I ever left it, I would miss it.

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