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    If it were me, I would start making an assessment as to why I failed out of the first program. Was it due to time management, study issues, etc.? Then, I would make a plan on how to work through what I had issues with the first time. I don't really know what else you could do. Perhaps get your CNA cert if you do not already have it. Mostly, I would just want to make sure I had the right frame of mind starting over in a different program and had my ducks in a row so I could do better.

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    When everything is all said and done, I will be roughly $55-60K in debt. Personally, I would try your hardest to not go over $50. Look into going to a BSN program instead of MSN. It will be cheaper and there is really no reason to get an MSN to work an entry level RN position. Employers may wonder how long you plan to stay with them since you have a higher degree. It's just a thought. When I first started college, I didn't think the $60K would be a big deal. Now I really wish I would have gone a different route. It wouldn;t have been so much, but I have had to transfer schools 4 times now because of all the military moves. Good luck to you! I just don't think $80+ thousand debt is worth an entry level RN position.

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    That's what I have been hearing. I spoke with a Navy recruiter who told me I would probably be able to get a waiver. However, I don't know how much truth was in that. Thanks for the reply!

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    Hey everyone!

    I am currently looking into applying for the Navy Nurse Corps while I am in nursing school. Could anyone tell me what it is actually like being a navy nurse? Do you have any say as to what specialty you work in and what are the deployments like? I don't mind deploying, but I would like more information. How similar is it to civilian nursing? Do you work three 12's a week? I have two kids and my husband is currently AD Army. His contract is ending about the time I graduate from NS. He really wants to go to college and I would love to do something that would support us so he would be able to pursue a degree. The military is something I have always wanted to be a part of. Originally, I wanted to join the AF, but they won't take me due to my tattoos. I am hoping the Navy will be a little more lenient.

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    I love the Erin Condren life planners, but I'm super cheap LOL so, I am making my own. I just finished the layout and I'm in love. It will have the same feel as the Erin Condren, but more customized. I have three boxes for each day: lecture, clinical, and personal. Then, I have boxes for weekly assignments due, tests/quizzes, goals, positive thought to focus on each week, things I am thankful for that week, and a place to record fitness done daily. I plan to print each page one sided, vs. two, so I can use the back of the page as a sticky note place. I'm a little OCD and have to have things nice and orderly. Plus, I love sticky notes!

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    Quote from NurseHammonds
    Yes I know there's a possibility of a troubled pregnancy. My thought on that is I am a healthy person with absolutely no health issues. That's not to say it's impossible to have trouble though. Grrrr it IS something to think about though. Thanks!
    You do have a lot of comments but I would like to share my story regarding this. With my first, I was extremely healthy, at a good weight (not over or under) took vitamins, great diet, etc. I was in cosmetology school and was on my feet most of the day. This wasn't a problem bc I'd always worked as a waitress. Long story short, I went into preterm labor at 23 weeks. Luckily, they were able to stop my labor from progressing and I carried until 37 weeks. During that time, I was put onto bed rest and went into labor twice. I also had to have a c-section which caused a longer recovery. I graduated cosmo school 6 months late.

    With my second, I was also extremely healthy but worked at a desk job as a paralegal. (It paid better than doing hair and gave me health insurance). Right around the 29 week mark, I developed severe asthma and could barely walk up the stairs without a rescue inhaler. I also had to take daily asthma meds. Right about 32 weeks I went into labor. They stopped it and said I could go to work (since I was at a desk), but had to not walk around as much as possible. 36 weeks, I had to stop working and was put onto bed rest. Carried until 38 weeks and delivered via c-section.

    Now, I am really healthy and two awesome kids and about to start nursing school. Just because your health is one way now, doesn't mean that will not change. Pregnancy and my body do not agree. I also died during the first delivery. My husband and I agreed that we were done after the two bc I could not handle going through another pregnancy.

    Nursing school is insane! I could not imagine trying to go through it while pregnant (with pregnancy brain, it's real) and then with an infant. It sounds like you will have a lot of help, which is good. Just remember, you will want to bond with your baby. I had really bad postpartum depression after my daughter and didn't bond properly when it really mattered. I promise you that you want enough time to really establish that bond.

    Only you know what you are capable of. However, you also don't how your body will react. I wish you the best of luck!!

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    Wow, I am sorry! That is a terrible system! I would probably apply to other programs around my area as well as that one. Just make sure their NCLEX pass rate is sufficient.

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    Quote from kealykid
    If you don't care about your books being new, check out the nursing school FB page and buy your books from another student. Much cheaper and even if it's an edition that's behind the current book, it will be pretty much the same.
    I think they may have deleted that FB bc it wasn't coming up through the link or a search I did end up finding the fundamentals book super cheap and used on amazon. The others I am going to wait for just because most say [for Austin Peay...] and I am not sure if they change up the book slightly. I had a CC do that and we HAD to purchase all the books from the book store. It was rather obnoxious LOL

    Did you do the summer preceptorship at Vanderbilt? I was reading the course descriptions and saw that was optional. It would be wonderful if I am able to do that. I'm sure it is pretty competitive.

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    Now, I am having to force myself to not purchase my books off Amazon. They are supposed to send out an email with info in about 2.5 weeks and they register us in the courses. None of this has happened and I just have a possible book list. I am debating on just purchasing the fundamentals book. The book list is super annoying bc every book says "Fundamentals of Nursing" [for my school]. As though it is an edition made specifically for them. Since it is my first semester ever at this school, I'm not sure whether I HAVE to buy their version. At a CC I attended, they did this and would cut out chapters/change the cover. I think it was mostly so their bookstore could continue to make $$.... anyways, I WANT TO BUY MY BOOKS!!!! I almost bought my stethoscope, too; but I don't want to get the wrong one and be "that" student who bought the ridiculously and unnecessary expensive one

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    I have gone back and forth SO many times when it comes to nursing. When I first started college, I was an English/Political Science double major and planned to go to Law School. This is something I had been planning for years. Law School had been my dream since I was 15 years old and I was not able to start college until I was 22, and had to go part-time. I had a 4.0 GPA and everything set to apply for Law School. Then, I got really bored with my English classes and most of the Poli Sci were a joke to me because they were just too easy. I wasn't challenged and I really started to doubt whether or not I should do something else. Nursing had always been in the back of my head, but I didn't want someone's life being my responsibility in a life or death situation. Then, my best friend decided she was going to go to nursing school. Hearing her talk about it made me look into it more. Finally, I decided to take A&P I. I ended up getting the second highest grade in the class and falling in love with Biology.

    After that, I STILL went back and forth constantly because I couldn't stop thinking about Law School. Finally, I set down and made a list of what I wanted out of a career. What are the most important things to me? Then, I made a list of what I thought my strengths were. This is what I came up with:

    Important things:
    1. Helping people. When I say this, I mean as a whole person. I want to be able to make someone's pain/stress/etc. be lowered. I love being able to lift people up when they are having a hard time.
    2. Being physically active. I was a legal assistant for a year and went crazy sitting at a desk all day. I have to be able to move around.
    3. Having a skill other people don't have. This may sound strange, but I like being that person people turn to when they have questions or need help with something.
    4. Making a true difference in somebody's life.

    Strengths: 1. Intelligence. I feel so very blessed because I can easily understand just about anything.
    2. Compassion. Due to having a pretty rough start to life, I can easily put myself in another person's situation and not judge their actions. People have reasons, consciously or subconsciously, to do what they do.
    3. Fighter. Basically, if there is something I believe in or know is right, I won't back down. I will do whatever needs to be done, without breaking the law, to see that it happens.
    4. Passion.

    I feel that nursing will help me achieve this and utilize my own strengths more than being an attorney will. This is part of my list and I shared it with you to help give you an idea of what you can do. I suggest making your own list and see what fits with it. Do not think about nursing or careers while you make it, or your list will become slightly biased. Just think about you. When I first did it, I made it of what I want out of life, and then geared it towards a career. I hope that helps you!!

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    Quote from Futurenursequana
    I got into my program I just saw that they registered me for my nursing classes already I'm so excited
    YAY!!!! Congratulations! That is super exciting!! I still have no new information, but it is getting closer to the date of knowing! Now I am trying to just enjoy my kids and being able to clean my house to the level I like LOL

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    (((((HUGS)))))) You seem to have a tone of great comments (sorry, didn't read them all). I just want to add that you will be thankful you had the extra study time. I am really social and have a serious problem with getting distracted by people. Also, for some reason, people tend to feel the need to word vomit all their problems and negatively to me. Due to my genuine care for everyone, I tend to listen and try to give advice. Then, there went my study time down the drain. I ended up with a B in micro because I couldn't just tell people to leave me alone. This coming semester I will not know anyone (transferred schools and states) and I plan to just keep to myself as much as possible.

    Hang in there!! Keep studying bc that is what matters. As you do make friends, they will most likely be true friends and not friendly on a superficial level. That is worth way more than friendly acquaintances.

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    I feel like this thread just needs to die... I am so sick of seeing it, but I cannot stop myself from reading it! OP, I hate to see that you are getting reamed. I know how much words can hurt. Unfortunately, sometimes this just needs to happen so we can wake up and see the world and it's reality. Talking to someone could definitely help you get some more perspective on how to work better with people. Please know, I am saying this out of kindness. In nursing, I feel that you cannot survive without compassion. We get beat up a lot by stressed patients, tired doctors, and grumpy coworkers. Nurses tend to be the punching bag and you need to realize that most of these people do not mean it personally. In these circumstances, they are just really unhappy with their own situation or scared/stressed and you happen to be there. When it comes to colleagues, people usually tend to dish out what they receive.... I feel like that is the harsh reality and you just need to not let it get to you. Of course, I am in that pre-nursing student/nursing student limbo, but this is what my consensus has been. It is also what I have prepared myself for. It is your job to comfort and nurse your patients regardless of how ugly their personalities can be.

    Please let this be your eye opener. There is absolutely no shame in admitting your fault and asking for help. Even if it is just a counselor's guidance.

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    I wouldn't buy them now, if you have a whole year. First, what if you are not accepted into the program you buy books for? Second, what if they change the book? I would go with the above advice and just put the $$ somewhere and forget about it. I will stash money in a zip lock and then put it in the back of my freezer... strange, I know, but I never spend it LOL

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    There are also a TON of threads asking this question. You may find some more info in those. I would go with what you get accepted into. Will your hospital offer TA for the ADN or bridge program? I think it would be better to get an ADN and bridge vs not getting accepted at all.