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    You are so right Jennifer! The thread is weird! More weird would be if we talked about the nurses caps we used to have to wash and starch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad we don't do THAT anymore!

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    Love hearing your excitement-it brings me back to my beginning days as well! I wish you much luck on your new job....the beginning of a life time career you will never regret! Stay on board with colleagues who will support you and not 'eat you up'- be kind to yourself-but stay close to the homefront Very happy for you! Another excuse for more fireworks-YAY!

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    I definitely understand! After 35 yrs of nursing, I lost 3 jobs in 2 yrs! I was unemployed for 2 yrs. and doing everything to obtain a job. I joined a nursing agency, said 'yes' to every single job to keep working. I went through my little retirement, gave up my home of 10 years, relocated, lived out of super 8's for about 2 months, had gone back to on-line school to get my BSN (complete in 3 days!), and have wound up with the most fabulous job ever! I am now a school nurse working with medically fragile special need students in high school. Never would have this entered my mind. I am 60 yrs. young and I have now decided to continue on towards my MSN to ensure job security. I also want to support young people who feel that nursing is frustrating or boring. The thing is, I have done it all! I once owned my own business and was beginning to do pretty well. Having a nursing degree gives you life advantage, financial security, opportunities one has never considered! Write back- I would love to support you or at least listen to what ever is going on with you-
    K Celtwoman

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    Well Denise, Happy Fourth of July
    I have one last paper to complete in 2 days before I get my BSN at 60 yo! I have been a RN for over 35 yrs. I won't get in to my story right now. Instead, I want to help you with whatever is going on for you.
    Soon to be BSN in 3 days, break, and heading on off for my MSN