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    Carefully reread your own post. I think you've already made your decision.
    How will you attend RN school if you are working M-F?
    Don't make things harder in yourself then need be. "ME" time is priceless. Less pay? More of a commute? Gas prices are outrageously high! Time away from your child? They are only young once. Slow down and enjoy them.

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    Ive been doing peds HC for 4 yrs now.
    Im in same situation; one client cuz no other cases open now. Always worried about hospital admits and length of stays, financial concerns.
    It never ends. Constant stresses with HC especially if only hv one client.
    I usually do feel comfortable in the homes but try to stay out of the way as much as possible when can be. Pros and cons.
    I have felt extremely bored at times
    Mad and taken advantage of at times when they have 24 hr nursing care and the parents do not work outside the home and still nap all day and I do EVERYTHING and I hate feeling like a babysitter. Some days are harder then others......
    At times, I love it and others not so much.
    Good luck!

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    Honestly, I would say no! Its the "thankless job" I wish someone would of told me the truth about.
    If I could go back, I'd choose differently.
    You work work work and it never seems like enough. Its never about what you've done, always about what you didn't get accomplished.
    Nurses are caddy towards one another for no apparent reason. Sure, the $$ is ok and job security is great but it has a cost. Long hours, OT, bad back, emotional toll on your mind and body.
    Its not for everyone.

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    My client is 18
    Has trach needs lots of sxn, apnea monitor, and tube feedings/meds.
    My agency didnt do much to help me out.
    Said they'd call mom but who knows if they did or not?
    My clients mom is CRAZY!!! For real
    I called in and she text me ALL weekend harassing me. The weekend nurse quit recently and moms paranoid. She was asking me, you quit too? Cuz i never responded. So stressful!
    Another concern Is mom dispenses all meds for the week in a daily med box. Throws all pill bottles in trash. Unacceptable to me! Needless to say I will not be returning.... Job search is on :/

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    If there are any overnight home care nurses out there, Id like to ask you about your work environment. Do you sit bedside? In the dark? Tv on or off? Any type of lighting?

    My home care client used to have his tv on every night without fail and if lighting wasn't adequate I would turn the hall light on. But now the family requests:

    I sit at bedside of my patient with the tv and lights off except a night light. Is it too much to expect a person to sit in the dark with no noise and stay awake?
    It makes it very difficult to assess my patient in the dark and provide cares.

    I plan on talking to the office regarding these circumstances. Any suggestions or advice?

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    I work 10p to 6a with an hour commute. Im always exhausted when I get home. The drive makes me sleepy. I immediately crash as soon as Im home then usually about 12-1 I'm awake using bathroom and have the same problem. Unable to get back to sleep. I have black out curtains, a fan on to block out noise, and it never gets any easier for me. Ive been working nights for over ten years. I have noticed its becoming harder the older I get though and its starting to effect my health and relationships cuz I'm always crabby from never resting well but I feel like I spend a great deal of time in bed!!!! ?
    Ive used tylenol pm and even prescription sleeping pills but always have a hang over effect so now I just suffer through. Good luck!

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    Move to Omaha NE
    Nursing jobs are plentiful
    Cost of living isnt bad
    If you choose not to have your kids in a bigger city, there are smaller rural towns right outside of Omaha.

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    I am a night shift home care LPN as well. I can definitely relate to your post. My company has no other open hours at this time so its hard not to feel trapped. Its not uncommon for nurses to switch cases out of boredom or choice and my company is fine with it if their are open cases. It never hurts to ask if this is the case. Its difficult not to feel as though we are a babysitter but remember when things go wrong, its all on you.
    Ive always been told use your skills or lose your skills... Maybe its time to start looking elsewhere for a more challenging position. Good Luck!

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    I do not need anyone to "pat me on the back" for a job well done or to acknowledge that I simply did my job. i work in home care and at times dealing with the client's families is the hardest part. I do not enjoy hearing families complain about the other nurses who cover other shifts at their home, I know if they talk about everyone else then Im sure they talk behind my back as well. I just want to go to work, do my job, and go home.
    I am a very confident nurse and when client's parents question me about my skills, I educate them and answer all their ?s but at times its irritating. After all, I am your nurse not your babysitter. Sometimes, this forum is where I come to vent so as not to take it out on my own family.
    Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!

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    @BrandonLPN - you are right! Thanks for the input. Maybe I just needed a new perspective.

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    Why is it that I give my all and its never good enough? Under appreciated and no matter what I do, its never enough?
    Ive worked in several different positions in the nursing field and I am left feeling so empty and defeated. I dread going to work and I always leave feeling inadequate and a failure.
    Is this normal? Does anyone else feel this way too?
    Im trying to decide if nursing is really the job for me???? Lately, I'm just miserable and it all stems from my job. Ive changed jobs and tried other areas and it never changes. I know I am a great nurse and have been told so on multiple occasions and am confident but its a lack of achievement feeling that bothers me......

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    WOW!! Im so sorry this is happening to you. It seems the nurses who really care are the ones who get punished. Refuse to stay quiet and fight for patient's rights. Nursing is hard in so many different ways that unless you are a nurse yourself then no one else really understands. I believe you sincerely care because you refuse to just give up and walk away. Walking away seems like saying ok you are right. BS! DON's can make nurses lives hell. Do what feels right in your heart and good luck!!

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    I have been an LPN for 7 years now. I have no desire to become a RN. I love my home health job and wouldn't make much more as a RN. Certainly not enough to be put through pure hell of nursing school for yet another year. No thanks! I have heard the expression, oh, you are just an LPN a million times before and I just don't let it get to me. Anyone who would ever say that has obviously never been to nursing school or walked in my shoes so shame on them and their ignorance.