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Why is it that I give my all and its never good enough? Under appreciated and no matter what I do, its never enough?

Ive worked in several different positions in the nursing field and I am left feeling so empty and defeated. I dread going to work and I always leave feeling inadequate and a failure.

Is this normal? Does anyone else feel this way too?

Im trying to decide if nursing is really the job for me???? Lately, I'm just miserable and it all stems from my job. Ive changed jobs and tried other areas and it never changes. I know I am a great nurse and have been told so on multiple occasions and am confident but its a lack of achievement feeling that bothers me......

Why do you care what others think? That's just setting yourself up for disappointment. As long as YOU know you're doing a good job and you're drawing a paycheck, then who cares?

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I think you are setting yourself up for failure. You appear to be looking at external sources for validation. I can tell you that in other jobs, no one is going to pat you on the back either. If you enjoy nursing then stick with it...and give yourself an achievement goal each week and a pat on the back if you achieve it. What have you been doing in the way of advancing your you continually do some sort of education, serve on some kind of committee where you work and serve as a resource person? Those are areas where you would generally feel more "achieved" (and more busy OMG!)

What would you rather do? what are you passionate about? Go and explore it!

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What are you trying to achieve? I think when you identify that, you will find out how to feel successful. At the bedside we are all one small part of the whole body of medical care providers and seldom get to see the ultimate outcome of our actions. I set my standard for accomplishment based on my goals for the shift.

@BrandonLPN - you are right! Thanks for the input. Maybe I just needed a new perspective. :)

@BrandonLPN - you are right! Thanks for the input. Maybe I just needed a new perspective. :)
Glad you're feeling better. I've always felt if more people would just shrug things off and say "who cares?", the world would be a better place.

I was taught in nursing school, your self esteem has to come from YOU doing a good job, not what the patient may or may not say. Now...I just extend that to management as well, lol.

I'm currently going through what you are going through. I work my butt of trying to get good marks in my courses but as always I get 60's. Sometimes I feel so bad, I wish to commit suicide. And my mom screams at me. I know she means well but she's getting really tired of me. I guess it's just a process everyone goes through. Just keep trying and hang in there, one day you'll turn the corner and blossom.

I have been feeling the same, "never good enough" hits the nail on the head. I don't think it's wrong to become frustrated when you feel like you give it your all and you never get any positive feedback. I've been a nurse for 5 years and I wouldn't have made it through without telling myself I've done I good job....but it feels really good to get positive feedback and sadly, I've found it lacking in the few jobs of my nursing career. In my experience, it seems like people are a lot quicker to write you up or complain, just for the sake of it, versus give you a pat on the back or even a simple thank you. It's funny how much I've come to savor the phrase "thank you" makes my day. People just don't seem to say it enough, or if they do, it is not genuine.

I think some of it comes from the Puritanic background of this country. My mother, when questioned, stated if you do what you are supposed to do, why should i say anything?... recently at work, a housekeeper asked if she could do a really good cleaning job on a patients room while he was out at a doc apptmt.... because she took it upon herself to ask and do, I made a point of telling her super. We are quick to complain, we need to occasionally complement as well.

Sometimes I feel so bad, I wish to commit suicide.

I'm not sure if you are saying this as a figure of speech or being serious about this, but please do see your doctor regarding this. This is not something to take lightly.

I do not need anyone to "pat me on the back" for a job well done or to acknowledge that I simply did my job. i work in home care and at times dealing with the client's families is the hardest part. I do not enjoy hearing families complain about the other nurses who cover other shifts at their home, I know if they talk about everyone else then Im sure they talk behind my back as well. I just want to go to work, do my job, and go home.

I am a very confident nurse and when client's parents question me about my skills, I educate them and answer all their ?s but at times its irritating. After all, I am your nurse not your babysitter. Sometimes, this forum is where I come to vent so as not to take it out on my own family.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!

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