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  • Oct 18 '17

    Thanks EVERYONE for the helpful information! I'm in my early 20s, I have been a nurse for two years (tele) and 89% of the ways we treat patients, I disagree with. When I first started nursing, I looked down on alternative medicine as "phony". Then, as I saw what people are doing to themselves by just popping pills and living an unhealthy lifestyle, I realized that something has to change. So many people are dependent on meds and they don't realize it. I have healed myself with TONS of research and blown my doctor's mind with how I got off of meds and healed ulcers naturally after being on EVERY SINGLE antacid medication for years. Granted, it took a lot of trial and error, but it worked with nutrition, herbal remedies, and relaxation/meditation. I would love to share this information with others and learn more. I will be looking at getting certifications through AHNA. Also, I like the ULAN systems! Thanks so much everyone. Can't wait to see where my career takes me!