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    I used to manage an Primary Care Office. Didn't do it very long. Informatics job came across my lap and I snatched it up. Been working at home for 2.5 years now...

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    Another option is also coding. I do risk-adjustment coding for BCBS. A lot of insurance companies hire nurses to code charts. (Some require CPC credential and some do not). I've been working at home for over 2 years. ❤️❤️ it!

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    Hi! I just have one question. Have you looked into informatics? I'm an RN but I do work with a bunch of LPNs and we all work at home doing risk adjustment coding for an insurance company. I did a 6 month stint in a hospital and hated it and I found this job. I love it.

    Have ge you ever thought of doing HEDIS?

    (ok that was 2 questions)

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    I left bedside nursing after 6 months because it was not for me. I managed a doctors office after that for another 6 months and loved it but the (micro)management company i worked for was terrible so I threw my resume out there. Got a bite from a head hunter and did a HEDIS season on a 4 month contract and loved it! Then got an offer to work in informatics and review charts for an insurance company I did HEDIS for. I make more $ there, I work from home, and it's challenging work that you are still using your nurse brain

    There are so many different facets of nursing that I hope you re-consider leaving the field entirely and think about a different field of nursing.

    Whatever you choose, just be happy! ::hugs::

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    I can't imagine going back to school either. I have my ADN and once I am with this company for a year they pay up to $5000/year for BSN and up to $7500/year for Grad school. I have 2 out of 10 classes done for my BSN and had to stop...I am in the "don't want to go back but want to get it over with" boat...

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    Ditto - but as a whole nurses do get some recognition at least (ie nurses week, most trusted profession). I still get the "oh wow" reaction when I tell people I am an RN. That always makes me smile.

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    Hey all,

    I just felt the need to share my experiences as an RN in the world today. I have been an LPN since Oct 2012 and got my RN Sept 2013. I have already worked in a bunch of different areas of nursing. I was lucky enough to be able to land various jobs before finding what I want to do with the rest of my life basically. I am currently 32 years old. I started working when I was 16.

    History of me:
    - Pharmacy technician for 10+ years in both retail and hospital setting
    - Secretary for a Hospice
    - Office assistant for a non-profit
    - Local Coffeehouse Manager/Barista
    - Cashier

    NURSING jobs:
    - Long-term Care facility with lots of vent/trach patients (LPN)
    - Med-surg-tele nurse
    - Cerner Analyst contract for a local hospital system (went around and helped nurses transition from paper charting to EMR - loved that)
    - Home Health (short-time)
    - Managing a Doctor's office
    - Research/HEDIS nurse for an Insurance Company (Current job - started as a contract and got hired on full-time last Nov).

    I currently work in informatics and now I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. I am very computer-based. I love computers when it comes to healthcare. I do a lot of chart reviews, audits, coding, and data extraction. As much as I loved working with patients and working clinically I realized I love this more. I work at home, that gives me opportunities like traveling often that I would not be able to do with other nursing jobs. As long as I have a WiFi connection, I can work. I live in NJ and have traveled to Colorado and Arizona to see some friends (I worked during the day on Eastern time - typically 5a-1p) and then hang out with friends for lunch/dinner.

    It has been a long time since I could say with 100% sincerity that I love my job! It has also been a long time to where I feel I achieved a happy balance between my professional and personal life. Thank you for reading and have a great day!!

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    My commute is about 25 feet (I work at home)

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    I worked on a Med/Surg/Tele unit for 6 months - HATED IT (Loved the people, even all the doctors!) Just the job was not for me. Got a job as a manager of a doctor's office. That was fun I left that job when I got a random contract opportunity to do HEDIS and fell in love with informatics....I probably will never go back to bedside nursing or direct care ever again. I work at home now doing computer stuff I LOVE IT!!! (It's not for everyone though, I am perfectly happy on my computer, reviewing charts, no phone calls, watching movies in the background, in PJs)

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    Say on your way to the huddle, finished your huddle, on your way to the time-clock you slip and fall and fracture something.....workmans comp? Probably not - you were not "on-the-job" because you were not clocked in.....??

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    I would say go for it. Nursing is changing their requirements. It may not happen soon but it is definitely happening. I started a BSN program (I am an ADN) and I could just take 1 course at a time. I had to stop because I started a job that was working me 60-70 hours/week. I have since left that job and once I saved up for the tuition I will definitely go back and finish (I only have 8 classes to go).

    If you go to work in a hospital a lot of them have tuition reimbursement....Is that an option for you?

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    JUST BECAUSE every time I hear the term "Herbalist" I think of this comedy bit...pretty funny.

    But yeah, I am in no way a fan of Herbalists and just trying to diagnose someone by looking at them for hypothyroid...BOGUS...

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    It is not so much that it is a tech school. That is not the big deal. What you care about is their specific accreditation. Better to look for a tech school that is REGIONALLY ACCREDITED. Regionally accredited schools are able to transfer more credits. I went to a Nationally Accredited school (and I was aware of the lack of higher ed schools that accepted transfers. I was ok with that. I'm more limited as to who I can transfer credits to. I did start my BSN last year but had to stop due to work.

    Just find out if they are NATIONALLY or REGIONALLY accredited. (You want to try to find one that is NLN (or whatever the new one is called ) or CCNE - (CCNE is typically 4 year schools).

    I worked for a tech school as well as went to one.

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    You feel "ashamed" about the low pay? A lot of new grads cannot even get a job let alone 2 offers....

    You should do what you want to do. If you want to work in the IMC unit, then do it. You spend 1/3 of your life working and you should be happy doing it. If you realize in time that you actually do not like the IMC unit, transfer to another unit after the required amount of time and see how you like that

    You should not feel ashamed about it. If your friends look down on your for doing that, then they are not really great friends. You and your "friends" are nurses. That's all that matters.

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    Quote from celeste26
    Wow.Thank u so much for an awesome advised and explanation. I will starting my school on May 26 if everything goes ok. I really appreciated you took the time to explain the benefits . Now more than nothing I know this is not a wrong decision at all !!
    Awesome Good luck! You ever need a pep talk or anything send me a message