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    Graduated from sac state. They allowed us to wear any formal wear we wanted and honor cords

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    Thank you for your response! At this point I really just want an acute care position! But in the meantime I am applying elsewhere.

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    Thank you for your response. What you said is definitely true. It's hard to not be anxious but I agree that it is completely rude that they can't at least take two minutes to send me a short email or even leave me a voicemail. It makes me wonder why they are keeping me in limbo. They've had multiple opportunities to tell me they selected someone else if that is the case.

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    Thanks for the responses guys. I of course have been putting in applications elsewhere. I just find it strange that I haven't gotten a rejection yet either. The unit has been really busy because there is construction going on at the hospital and the whole unit just had to relocate to another part of the hospital. Considering that I know the manager has got to be crazy busy and stressed out.

    For this reason I didn't want to bug her too much fearing that I would just irritate her. I would email her but honestly I don't think it would do much at this point. The day after my interview I emailed a thank you note, no response. I also called her office on Friday, left a voicemail inquiring about my status but no call back so far.

    What I don't understand is, after all this following up, if I didn't get it why not just tell me?

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    Hi guys,

    So I'm a new grad and I had my first interview with a hospital for a med/tele unit. Interview went really well, and there was even a point were one of the interviewers told me I nailed a question. I precepted and volunteer on the unit next to the unit I interviewed for (the managers work closely together). After the interview I was feeling pretty confident.

    2 weeks after the interview I followed up with the manager. Her words were that "you're definitely high up on the list, but I'm waiting to hear back from recruitment on how many I can hire." She then told me that I could expect to hear back by the end of the week. The end of the week came and still didn't hear anything. Four weeks post interview I've heard nothing.

    At this point I would assume that I didn't get it and that they must of selected other candidates. However, I have friends who have went through the same interview process and they've said that if you don't get it, you receive a rejection email. If you get it you receive and offer email.

    What are your guys's thoughts? Has anyone waited longer than a month after an interview to hear back?

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    Sorry for the late response! The first two weeks of the semester there's what they call front loading. It's basically a period where they try to cram as much information in your head as possible. You'll be at school Monday-Friday those weeks. After that, they have different sections that you're placed in. You're section determines where and what day you have clinical and what day you have lab. Everyone had class Monday morning and Thursday some mornings and every afternoon. You either have lab on Wednesday or Friday ( which is 8-4:30) and then you have clinical on Tuesday or Wednesday (8 hour day). Also, the day before you have clinical you have to go into the hospital to "prep" on your patient you will take care of the next day. This basically means going and looking up information on your patients diagnosis, lab values etc. This takes about an hour or so. Then you have to go home and create a nursing care plan, which can take hours.

    Ultimately, you have to be prepared to change your schedule around because sometimes they change things at the last minute and send you an email the night before.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    I'm graduating from the program this semester. Scheduling really just depends on which semester you're in. Ask away and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

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    Sac state only takes 80 students per semester. And you really need a 3.8 or higher. You might be able to get in with a 3.6-3.7 if you have an amazing teas score

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    Your right 5500 is not bad at all, and if you already have a connection even better. Sounds like you have options.

    And I very much enjoy the program. It's well organized and quite doable. My clinical experience so far has been great.

    You'd be very lucky to score a job at kaiser. I heard that they have not hired new grads for though??

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    First off, obviously go wherever u are accepted. How good do you feel about your chances of getting into sac and Chico?

    With that being said, if u get accepted to all three I'd stay in Sacramento. I'm a student of the sac state program, so I'm somewhat biased, but that's not why I'm saying sac.

    When I first started college I wanted that experience so I left Sacramento (my hometown) and went to SFSU. Although it was a great experience it was overwhelmingly expensive, and the loans I had to take out were ridiculous. I immediately moved back to Sacramento where j have been able to be debt free ever since.

    The job market for new grads is not great. This is why I don't think a bunch of loans to get a bachelors is such a good idea. You don't know how long it could be before you could start paying them back.

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    Don't be silly! You'll get in.

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    So much to think about. I guess I will have to find out for myself what I like better.

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    That was really helpful! Thanks for posting!

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    Vintage swagger- thanks for the response!

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    Your welcome everyone. I did my best to remember everything that was said. Vintage swagger thanks for all the clarifications.

    Vickeymarie- you were on the panel?! I was there in the back the one that asked about working while in the program.

    Vintage swagger- for pharmacology, how is the final. To be honest I've also found a lot of the answers online for the quizzes. Are the answers for the final available once you type them into google? I'm not going to lie, I've put pharm on the back burner a bit so that I can focus on bio 26 and stats so I can't say I remember much from the lectures. So I'm quite worried about the
    The final.