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UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento

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Hello all, 

Anyone out there work at UCD in Sacramento? I live in the area and currently work for Sutter. I have coming up on 4 years of experience.

Anyways I have an interview at UCD coming up and I was hoping that someone could share some insight into pay, health benefits, and retirement. I’d like to make sure that if I take the position that it’s comparable to what I’m getting at sutter. 

Id like some insight on how good the retirement is, how much you have to contribute of your own money etc. 

Same for health benefits. How good are they and do you have to pay anything monthly for them. 


Thanks in advance!

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NickiLaughs has 10 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency, Trauma, Critical Care.

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Benefits arent as great as others make it our to be.

You pay 10% of your check automatically onto the pension.  I think its pre tax though.

I had to pay for my family's health insurance of I remember right it was 500 or so a month.

100$ a month for parking.

That's all I can really remember.  I left when kaiser offered me a job.

They also work their nurses super hard.  And the culture on the unit I worked in was you just were expected to suck it up.

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