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    Hi! I am looking for housing in Leesburg area too! did you find anything?

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    Hi everyone! I will be attending Leesburg campus am still looking for a place to live , so far the places I looked at are all pretty expensive, if any of you are still looking for a roommate or have any advice please share! =)

    Thank you!

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    Hello All! I just got accepted to Alfred and all of your comments have helped me to get an idea of the program. I was wondering , how much are the living costs? I have a car so transportation is not a problem..did you guys dorm or rent an apartment?

    I am coming from another city , any advice will be appreciated!

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    Hey! I was wondering hows the program going for you so far? I got accepted into Spring 2013 program, would you care to share some insights? how's the living costs?

    Thank You!

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    Yea I thought that I was applying for the fall, apparently It was for the Spring. So I assume that you apply a year ahead? Everything was due In March and you have to take the NLN-Pax exam in April. As long you do fine on the NLN-Pax exam you will be fine, I don't think it was hard.

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    Hello everyone! I just got my acceptance letter for spring 2013, I was wondering what are the housing options and how much are the living expenses roughly around the area? Since I am waiting for the Spring, is there any class i could take now?

    any advice is much appreciated!

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    Hello! I just got accepted into the Nursing program at Rockland for Spring of 2013, I was wondering if any of you could tell me how much housing was? I am from upstate New york still deciding if I want to go to Rockland or Alfred..

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    Hi! I have been accepted into both programs, still deciding which one to attend. Can anyone share their experiences at these programs? How are they compared in program costs and living expenses in the areas?

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi! I just got accepted into the nursing program for Spring 2013 , Any advice on the program and housing costs around the area?