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    So I'm guessing you got the trach care done?

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    I've been in a position of watching it happen and having it happen to me, tho not in that order. Not all nurses to be sure, we are a helpful lot for the most part, and want others to succeed (or we have to clean up after our coworkers if for no other reason). I started back to a hospital after many years in office nursing and these two day nurses would tear apart my report every morning, til i left in tears, tho not in front of them. There were better ways to handle that, I've been on the other end of it since then, and know better ways myself. When the next new person came on board, they started to tear her up and leave me alone. I dont think its so much a nurse attribute, as a personality issue. These two didnt want to do the assessments that they should have, wanted all the info in report to use for their assessments, and harassed and humiliated if you didnt have it. Thats a character flaw if you ask me. And probably a wildly unpopular addition to this - i think when this many women work together there is a certain amount of ... ugly.. for lack of a better word at midnight. I dont see men nurses do this,, but I dont see a LOT of men nurses. The ones Ive seen arent as catty as this, they are more solution oriented (picture the conversation with your hubby when he wants to SOLVE the problem and you just want to vent). Its just my preference, but having a man around is nice to offset the "all women all the time" issue. Might keep us from eating a few young here and there.