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  • Jul 30 '12

    I think that people are going into nursing for the wrong reasons. I think that it has become only for the money not for the satisfaction of taking care of a patient. Not for the reward of having a patient say thank you and you can walk away feeling like you did your best. If anyone is going into nursing for the money, do us all a favor and don't. Grumpy nurses give us that care a bad reputation.

  • Jul 30 '12

    The only holiday I cared about working was Christmas. The others I could deal with, and my family understood. I could usually find someone who wanted to party on New Years eve/day that was willing to work Christmas eve/day in exchange. Now that I'm working in a hospital with alot of nurses with young kids, who knows how it'll pan out. But, I can honestly say when my kids were small I had it made. It's time for me to pay it forward now that my kids are grown.

  • Jul 30 '12

    I will throw this in. When I was working at the hospital, I'm not anymore now Im a senior nursing student, I started childless and I did work every single holiday. I had my firstborn shortly after and I was able to get most holidays off. Now when I start working as a nurse I am a bit worried because my husband is a paramedic and works a lot of holidays and it is important to me to have at least one of us there, our guys are still little. My point is before I had kids and all my co-workers had babies and toddlers and wanted holidays off it never offended me, holidays are for kids mostly.

  • Jul 30 '12

    Quote from taramade
    I meant I didn't need all of the negativity.
    Unfortunately that's also an attitude you will frequently encounter in the real world.

    Yes, there are parents who are honestly trying to make it work fairly not only for themselves but for their coworkers. There are also the childless coworkers that understand that those with families have certain issues and try to work with them.

    But then there are also the spoiled brat parents who stamp their foot and feel the world should revolve around them because they procreated, and the rest be damned. And then there's the childless ones who feel that because you have children that it's your problem and should not have to be theirs. And neither party wants to compromise.

    There's all types out there. Who and where you will encounter will vary, but rest assured you will encounter all of them.

    You're right, you can switch shifts with a coworker...what this thread is doing is giving you tips on why people who are currently working as nurses think they way they do, so you know the best ways to accomplish that switch. Because let's be honest: those of us in the field have seen more than a few new nurses come in and expect that because they're parents they're entitled to first dibs on schedules, holidays, weekends, etc.

    This is not to imply that YOU have that attitude. Just that this attitude in general isn't uncommon to encounter in acute care.

    If you decide that you'd rather have more control over your hours and a better guarantee of holidays, etc. off, then acute care isn't the best place to seek that because acute care is 24/7/365. You'd have better luck with your schedule in a doctor's office or clinic...but keep in mind that you'll still encounter the four types I mentioned even there.

    You need to make whatever decision that is best for you. In that vein, take whatever you think helps you from this thread and discard the rest.

    Again, best of luck whatever you decide.