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    I live in Bellevue,Ohio.... Thanks everyone for the advice- I think I am going to apply to different schools.

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    I attend a local community college and after this semester I will be done with all of my pre-req's. The college I go to is in transistion on their nursing program (they are waiting on state approval for their transition) and won't tell anyone how many seats are being offered, and won't even give a definite answer on when applications for Fall 06 will be available- first it was march, then april, now maybe may! How do they expect students to be in limbo for that long. I am seriously considering going to another school that is over an hour drive away, or even possibly going to an LPN program that is also close to my home.

    I am frustrated b/c I have put a year into the school and they seemed to really have it together when I enrolled there... now it seems like no one has the answers. Has anyone else run into this?? It's just frustrating.... thanks for listening.

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    I am so sorry for you to have to go through this. I am not a nurse yet, but in November I had to help my cousin through the birth of her son, he had Potter's syndrome (no kidneys) and lived for about a half hour after he was born. The nurses she had were fantastic- some cried with her, some did not, but all were genuine. I think they all handled it in their own way- but they all helped her through her grief. After her son passed each nurse in the NICU held him and said goodbye- even though she only had a short time with him the fabulous nurses she had made that time memorable by their compassion. Please don't feel like if you cry you didn't handle the situation well, I think that the mothers appreciate everyone expressing their feelings in thier own way.

    Have a merry christmas.

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    I have a really bad nervous habit where I scratch at my head... my scalp isn't dry or anything, I just scratch at the skin... if it's a particularly stressful time.... like finals... I will scratch it until it bleeds... gross I know, but I've done it since I was small

    I can't stand knuckle popping, my husband does it all the time! There is just something about that sound!

    This is a cute thread

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    I admire anyone who can speak two languages.. I myself am struggling to learn spanish as I know it will help with the migrant population in the summer here... that said I think that only English should be spoken in the workplace, unless the patient requires a different language, I think it is rude to talk in another language in front of coworkers and I also think it is rude to whisper- If the conversation needs to be that private take it behind closed doors, or outside of work.

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    I am looking for a way to work through nursing school and someone suggested working as a phlebotomist. I am having trouble finding schools that offer training, I don't need any A&P or med term course work as I already have that.. I am in Northwest Ohio.. thanks for any help!

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    I'm a girl too.. and a student, I drive a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM, I love that car!

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    I totally agree with the above poster.. What I would suggest is to see if you can't find her some place to rent on a short term lease, I know some places where I live offer 30 or 60 day leases.. that way she could stay in her own place while looking for something else. I would not risk your sanity, or your fathers health.. as you said you are the one home with them.. not your husband.... Something else that might work, earlier this year my sister and brother and law had to stay with us while their house was being repaired and their kids are also kind of rotten, we set it up for them to go to day camp, by the time they came home at night they were too tired to be bad.. just a thought!

    good luck!

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    [QUOTE=cheerfuldoer]Hi Brinley

    Your school's coursework looks pretty good, except you only listed PSY 121. Does your school not require PSY 122?

    The school requires general psychology and then lifespan psychology

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    cheerfuldoer.. take a list at the courses for my program.. this is how most of the programs in the state I am in look? I am wondering if the OP school includes more instruction in the nursing rotation... I myself am trying to take everything but nursing classes while I am on the wait list.. I am slated to start my clinical rotation in January.

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    are there any courses included with your nursing program besides basic nursing courses? Like micro and pharm?? The program I am in requires the following:

    Program of Study- Minimum GPA for Admission 3.0


    BIO 121 Anatomy & Physiology I

    BIO 122 Anatomy & Physiology II

    BIO 123 Anatomy & Physiology III

    BIO 131 Anatomy & Physiology Lab I

    BIO 132 Anatomy & Physiology Lab II

    BIO 133 Anatomy & Physiology Lab III

    BIO 171 Microbiology I

    BIO 172 Microbiology II

    BIO 181 Microbiology Lab I

    BIO 182 Microbiology Lab II

    BIO 220 Pharmacology

    NURS 114 Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning

    NURS 115 Basic Nursing Concepts

    NURS 125 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

    NURS 126 Maternal-Newborn Nursing

    NURS 127 Child Health Nursing

    NURS 128 Comprehensive Adult Nursing I

    NURS 205 Applied Clinical Ethics in Nursing

    NURS 210 Comprehensive Adult Nursing II

    NURS 213 Comprehensive Adult Nursing III

    NURS 245 Advanced Concepts in Nursing


    MTH 135 Algebra

    MTH 140 Allied Health Math

    ENG 105 College Composition I

    ENG 106 College Composition II

    PSY 121 General Psychology

    PSY 136 Lifespan Development

    SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology

    SPE 110 Speech

    Humanities Elective

    Language Elective - Preferably Spanish

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    Quote from cheerfuldoer
    That's IT??? I'm SHOCKED that those are the only pre-reqs that school requires! Wow!

    I'm an associate degree grad (eighteen years ago), but geez! My school was no way as easy as your school sounds.

    My college pre-req requirements were: Allied Health Math, English Comp I, English Comp II, Sociology I, Sociology II, Psychology I, Psychology II, Introduction to Chemistry, Pharmacology, A&P I, A&P II, and an elective (preferably Speech), Introduction to Computer Concept or the option: Computers for Nursing Students Class); Life Span and Human Development, and Microbiology.

    Sounds like your school's program is way too easy. The students are not being educated enough in preparation for nursing. :uhoh21:
    Some of the classes you are reffering to can be taken in conjunction with your nursing rotation. That's why it's a 2 year program. Most students where I go complete all of the classes you are referring to and then some b/c of the wait lists, but most classes after your basic science, math, and english can be taken at the same time as your nursing classes. No the programs are not EASY, just DIFFERENT than what you knew when you went to school.

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    the classes you have sound about right for the ADN schools where I am at.. I do know that most BSN programs include most of your general ed classes with the program but you are still required to have your Chem, and Bio to get into the BSN programs. Good luck to you!

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    As most of you were saying I don't think it's fair to paint all twentysomething's with the same brush.. but unfortunatley in the working world it seems to always be that way. I am working my way through nursing school for an insurance firm, I work 50-55 hours a week, reguarly meet or exceed my quota for sales, and do a majority of the marketing of the agency on my own... I make less money that the temporary secretary, I have been open with my boss about my dissatisfaction in this and she said I have not been there long enough to earn it.. I have devoted 3 years to her company- not long I know.. but I'm only 22... My boss fails to realise that I am a newlywed, with a house payment and expenses.. the same expenses as the rest of her staff. I don't think I am entitled to more, I think I deserve more b/c of hard work...

    On a side note I have a sister who is the queen of entitlement.. she thinks absolutely everything thing will be done for her and all she'll have to do is show up... I think you have those in every generation!

    This has been an interesting thread.. It was nice to hear everyone's views.

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    Where I am it takes most people 3-4 years to get their ADN, that is the route I have decided to take b/c of cost, and b/c some employers will pay for your BSN. I am also taking extra classes towards my BSN as time allows in my schedule. I guess you have to look at it as an investment.. an LPN in my state takes at least a year, so there is not quick route to nursing. I have days where I get impatient myself, but when I talk to new grads I realize that I too will be there someday and I wonder what the heck I was so impatient for Good luck.. (and I wouldn't take those classes over.. it doesn't seem necessary in your case)