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  • Feb 10 '13

    Quote from jrwest
    Why would anyone want to go into acute care nursing? Because you like being tortured?
    With the PHN job you are lucky to have gotten, you will hopefully have fairly normal hours,sounds like county/gov't benefits,not have to deal with rude nurses aides/techs, get breaks, actually get a lunch,be able to use the toilet etc.
    Dont worry, you wont be missing anything but misery.
    Sometimes people need to taste a little misery to appreciate the lack of! LOL

  • Jul 26 '12

    Quote from seekerskeeter
    after 6 weeks of training I resigned. My preceptor gave me hell. literally hell. Even my coworkers agree on that. I told my manager that I'm not clicking with my preceptor but she said stick with her coz she's the best. and so I followed her advice. as a nurse se maybe good but as a preceptor she sucks so bad that I couldn't handle the stress anymore. it was so hard. so now I'm jobless again. I love med surg I loved it that I learned alot in a short span of time but like one of the nurses who cried coz I left said, what happened was not fair. She said I was working under avery stressful environment and having that lady as a preceptor jut made it worse. I really want to work in a med surg dept just the preceptor and other haters made it so hard.pls don't judge me I just needed to vent. Most if the nurses said that they hate to see me go coz they really liked me. I just couldn't work in that kind of an environment anymore. Stress caused by work work I can handle but stressed induced coz I was bullied that I couldn't anymore. I don't think anybody deserved this kind of treatment. to be yelled at in front of other people to literally shame me in front of my pts. It's my fault too coz I just let it all happen, I never said anything. I just let her walk all over me. A lesson that I learned the hard way. never again will I let anybody treat me like that. Now I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to find another job on med surg :,(
    I don't understand why, but this is like a circle--it never ends.
    Veteran nurses, whom were all once a new grad, went through the same torture and now are doing the same thing to new grads. I agree with another post, "Don't take anything personal" and "stand up for yourself". Don't let anyone think they can "push" you around, be straightforward, but respectful and be open minded; you'll learn more on the floor than you did in school. Veteran nurses need to take new grads under their wings.
    This task needs to be delegated to "special" individuals.

    Don't let this get you down. You graduated nursing school and passed the boards, you have what it takes.

    A patient taught another nurse and myself how to complete a task; it was great! I have been a nurse over 2 years and I remember going down the hallway and telling my preceptor, "I have never done this before" and she would walk me through it in the patients room---sometimes you will learn task infront of the patients. Yes, of course I was embarrassed but I learned and so did my patients.

  • Jul 26 '12

    Unfortunately, wherever you go you will have doctors/preceptors/coworkers/bosses/family members/patients who are rude, mean and treat you like crap. The best thing to do is not take it personal and just do your job. If it's a preceptor that's giving you a hard time, try your best to get through orientation. Once you're on your own, it will be much better and you don't even have to go to them for help. If it's certain coworkers you dislike, bond with the ones you do and schedule yourself so that you're working opposite days as the people you don't like. You can't change jobs every time you don't like your coworkers or change your assignment b/c you don't like a patient. Learn to work with people, especially the difficult ones, and you will go a long way. Goodluck on your job search.

  • Jul 26 '12

    It is never okay for a preceptor to degrade an orientee in front of a patient. It makes the nurse and the hospital look bad.

  • Jul 26 '12


    Quote from KateRN1
    *warning -- harsh words ahead*she said so can you still handle it.. it's different from so you still think you can handle it. I didn't present myself a know it all because if I don't know it I do ask her how to do it.. there are times where she will call me in front of my patient and ask me how to do this and that then if I don't know I would tell her I was meaning to ask you about this topic before we get inside the patient's room because I dont know how to do this.. she wouldnt answer me ofcourse I look dumb in front of my pt but I think she finds joy in that, making me look dumb and incompetent in front of people. so during my break while eating I research online how to do stuff then the next time she asked me I was able to answer although she was never satisfied. she never made a comment that I ever did anything right. All she did was crush my confidence.
    My preceptor was exactly this way. She never ever gave me one work of positive feedback. On top of that she was always scowling, in fact, it seemed like she was unhappy doing her job. She was compassionate to some of the patients and would give bed baths to the sickest ones. I just did not understand how that compassion could not be extended to me as another human being deserving of basic respect. My preceptor even made comments that could be seen as racist (or racial prejudice toward the race category I fall into). It was just so awkward working with her. I hated every day I went to that unit. I would feel like I was going to vomit on the car ride over to the hospital. I am just so glad I never have to go back there. I don't think I would be able to work with someone like that agian, unless I had a face to face conversation about how their attitude was effecting me and changing their behavior.

  • Jul 17 '12

    I have news for you all- it IS( as in currently as we post) happening to us old nurses when we are new too. As for me- I'm done posting about this crap. I sick and tried of reading it and hearing it explained away. I'm taking my complaints to government agencies that can do something about it. Nursing doesn't seem to be able to.- out of sheer stupidity and refusal!! They know it goes on, it's been talked about and written about enough. it is management's fault it continues.

  • Jul 17 '12

    I went through the same thing as a new nurse. I think it has to do with being a new nurse, being new to the setting, and GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCES. However, it is NOT just "up to you to fit in"; you deserve respect from your fellow nurses regardless of how seasoned you are, and it should be a mutual effort from all involved to build positive relationships. You should not try to change your personality or try to be more gregarious out of fear that you are "giving off negative vibes". Here's what's sad about how you're being treated: it lowers morale, which ultimately impacts the quality of patient care. In my case, they eventually came around (after about a year). I worked hard, stood up for myself, and was willing to let any past transgressions by co-workers go. Hopefully, the same will be true for you. You deserve respect regardless of how many years you have under your belt and regardless of whether or not you are a social butterfly. Work ethic, focusing on patient-centered care, continuous learning/growth, and patience will help you pull through this! Best of luck!

  • Jul 17 '12

    It's out there......

  • Jul 17 '12

    Quote from Sacred eagle
    You said "omg nurses are mean and unprofessional" Welcome tohealthcare.
    Healthcare? Welcome to the world. Humans are just mean and it's getting worse. I don't think nursing has a monopoly on nastiness, it's everywhere.

  • Jul 17 '12

    Observe and watch everything. Got an IV team, go watch them put the IV in your patient. Watch how the lab draws blood. Get pointers along the way. Really hone your assessment skills. Know your labs, x-rays and other diagnostic results. If you don't know, look it up. Build a solid foundation for the rest of your career. Just because co-workers may be bit**es, doesn't mean that they don't have mad clinical skills, and you may gain experience from it. How does your charge nurse talk to doctors to get an order? What are your co-workers saying about the tele monitor? What key information is someone giving you in report? Best of luck to you, and just because your co-workers are not socially into being nice, doesn't mean you can't absorb all that they may share--nicely or not. And really use those patient info brain sheets. They really help!! And as an aside, if you "you tube" lung sounds in a patient with asthma, or afib tele strips etc etc. you may also get some pointers. 4 things: Know your diagnosis, and know your patient, know your meds, learn what can go wrong and what to do when it does. Best of luck, and you will find your groove--and when you find your career hospital, and make your way up to the DON, remember this time, and do your best to help build a solid foundation for the new nurses under your leadership!!

  • Jul 16 '12

    Quote from iamgabrielle
    welcome to healthcare? Seriously is this how nurses act? I was told before I entered the said profession that nurses are professional.. it's just surprising that's all.
    Gabrielle....don't let the naysayers get you down. There are bullies in every walk of life. Don't let them get you down. Nurses are professional.....I think you are in a difficult enviroment. Get your year and transfer to another unit.

    Good Luck! Use those sheet to organize your ay. They will help I promise.

  • Jul 16 '12

    Nursing is so moody. I have always thought that too.We are new grads, you were once in our position too. I dont get why some of them are so mean, and talk negative about new nurses. it's fustrating!

  • Jul 15 '12

    Quote from iamgabrielle
    i don't say much at work and i try to be really nice and friendly.. although i'm stressed out i try to keep my attitude in check. so i don't think i'm sending of negative vibes or energy towered them.. they react as if i killed a patient when i don't get to do things right away. im trying my best that's all i can say. one day i'll be good at it that's a promise i made to myself. i just need the exp then i'm out of that hospital. i cannot work with unprofessional people. enough said thank you very much
    there's currently a thread about how someone was surprised and dismayed that a social, talkative nurse was hired rather than a quiet nurse with a great gpa. the reason that happens is that managers, like many people, would rather work with someone who is social. my manager expresses it like this: "we can teach them how to be good nurses, but we can't teach them how to be the people we want to work with."

    being new is stressful, and if you're not very social (don't say much at work), your attitude may come across as snobby or standoffish -- people may conclude that you're not nice. especially if you're trying to keep your attitude in check. just reading your posts, i wouldn't be surprised if you were sending negative vibes out. i'm not saying that you intend you, and you probably don't even realize that you do . . . but i'm guessing that you do. now experienced folks, managers and old folks like myself ought to realize that the negative vibes are a result of you as a newbie being uncertain, stressed out and not the result of you being nasty or stuck-up. but in the moment, sometimes we don't -- we're human too.

    probably the most unhelpful thing i can tell you is to relax and try to be social . . . i just don't know any other way to say it. maybe someone else who reads this can think of a better way to explain it.

    the thing is, if you don't get to things in a timely manner, you can if not kill a patient, then at least cause them great harm. and if you're stressed and stress makes you quiet, they may not know how hard you're trying. (you are trying hard, aren't you?)

    you can get some experience and then head to another hospital, but when you get that new job you'll still be there. i'm guessing that if you improve how you're interacting with your colleagues, they'll improve how they're interacting with you. as the newbie, it's your job to fit in. good luck. i wish you well.

  • Jul 15 '12

    I am sorry of your experiences. When I first started, I had a similar experience. However, our facility was changing to a new EMAR program and I recently completed the training. So, when the nurses who picked on me learned that I understood the new program well, they came asking for help. In spite of how they treated me, I helped them out. I earned their respect. You will too. We are not good at everything! We have our weaknesses and our strengths. Policies and procedures change daily. I have nurses who have been at it 30 plus years who ask me questions of how we do some of the technical skills “the new way”.

  • Jul 15 '12

    i can see from your posts you are struggling. even though you graduated 8 years ago your are a new grad.....something these nurses need to understand. be sure in your frustration you aren't "giving off" an air of being standoffish and fed up with them. but i am sure they aren't going to "spoon feed you" either. if they are really that intolerant they aren't worth wasting your time nor energy but maybe it's one big misunderstanding.

    no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. eleanor roosevelt.

    you might need some brain sheets to help you organize your time/thoughts.
    brain are a few.

    ntp med surg.doc 1 patient float.doc‎
    5 pt. shift.doc‎
    report sheet.doc‎
    day sheet 2 doc.doc

    critical thinking flow sheet for nursing students

    student clinical report sheet for one patient

    i made some for nursing students and some other an members(daytonite) have made these for others.....adapt them way you want. i hope they help