is it me??? I need help

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a mont of orientation and still not able to finish everything on time.. I try my best everyday at work I really do, but I always fallhort. I'm so ashamed and frustrated already.. today my brain just stoped functioning literally I couldn't think straight anymore I had so many overdue task and upcoming tasks people asking me questions to answers that I don't know doctors calling me patients need me not done chartig not done with meds.. etc etc that I just broke into tears.. I stepped out of the unit I couldn't take it anymore. preceptor not helping at all major stressor if I say so myself. I still have a week with him. anyways I just wanted to barge into y managers office and say I quit but deep in my heart no matter how hard this thing that I'm going through I couldn't give up.. hate the thought that I gave up I quit.. although it's taking a toll out of me already. Physically emotionally and mentally. starting to think that I'm stupid for not knowing alot of things. Med surg is just too much couldn't stop crying. I hate it with a passion but I hate the thought of giving up even more.

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Its not you! NOONE is completely with it, excellent with time management and a perfect nurse one month after starting their first job! Its a learning process!! Its going to take time, and some days are going to be better than others. What you can do is talk to your manager, see about getting an extension on your orientation. While you are working, make sure you ask for help, and delegate what you can.

When youre not at work, leave work at work, enjoy your days off with your friends and family. Destress and unwind. Hang in there, hugs to you-Ivanna

You are completely normal. At least 90% of us were totally overwhelmed. You need to tell your preceptor that you are sinking and need some help. Just ask. I know it's hard, but state outloud that you need help.

Best wishes.

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A month?? You are normal, right on track. Most don't feel confident until their first year. Do not be hard on yourself. Keep at it, it will get better!:hug:

I'm nearly 1 month post boards and just out of orientation. I just made a post about my stress too!

I'm usually still charting to 8-9pm and sometimes still doing tasks after shift change.

It is so overwhelming, I think we just need to find our pattern.

I've come to accept that at 6pm, I started gathering thoughts for report, chart vitals and I&O, get night shift documents ready then do whatever I can before they start coming to me to get report, then I give report and then finish what needs to be done. I don't think its fair to night shift to delay the start of their shift because I am behind. I am going to either be late with a dsg change or late with report, I'd rather be late with the dsg change. Especially on a crazy day with 3 discharges and 3 admits.

I come home with my feet aching and pounding, starving, coffee deprived, and just want a hot shower and crash. I lay in bed thinking about my day, sometimes I call the unit back and make sure something gets keyed in or that I needed to pass on something. I will do what it takes to make sure my patients get the care they need. I just try to keep that my focus, my patients. I'm just as overwhelmed as you are. But 1000's of nurses have done it and we will keep doing it, together.

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