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    super easy course that i took was humanities 101 with a professor named bacon or beacon. you just have to get through the lectures, the test and quizes are pretty easy, got an A with no problem. but make sure you go there everyday to show you are serious.

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    I have a question, I just moved in district to Harper, I have more than enough science classes done with A's, I am trying to get into Harpers' nursing program the Srping of 2013, I am scheduled to take the nln in August, The only class I need is Chemistry, My question is, If I do not have a GPA at Harper by the deadline of september 15th, will I most likely not be considered for the program, even if I am enrolled in the Fall? I know it's cutting it, but I want to spend my time studying for the NLN, and if I score high on the NLN, With A's in Anatomy/Physiology/Microbiology, with NO GPA, and No Chem, will I not be considered? I really hope I get in, I've only been to Harper 2times.
    If anyone have any suggestions, please let me know, I've asked people in admissions and they gave me a double answer, they say I may or may not get in, based on not having a GPA at the school.