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    I have been thru 10 different pair of nursing shoes trying to ease my horrible foot pain. Our foot doc said I have heel spurs plantar fasciatis (sorry about spelling). Our anesthesia doc gave me a catalog with the best thing to ever hit my feet!!! These clogs are called "CROCS". They are the weight of those foam packing "peanuts" and finally my feet no longer throb. Although they are not particularly stylish, I now own 4 pairs. Word has spread thru our hospital, and dozens of nurses now wear these amazing shoes. They sell for 29.99 in most catalogs and I have seen them at Dicks Sporting goods for the same price. However, there is a knock-off version at payless for 14.99 which are identicle with the exception of being a tad more narrow. Try them, you will NEVER, EVER want to wear a "normal" shoe again.

    Good Luck, Terri P

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    Hi all from Upstate NY. I guess the pay here is pretty crummy compared to some of you! I was hired at 20$ and a few cents an hour. When someone found out what I made, they pitched a fit to the DON and she cut my pay by 1.69 an hour. I only accepted it because I wanted the experience. But, I have friends here at Oswego Hospital that were hired at 16 something an hour. Bad pay for a really really hard job. As soon as we can, you know I will leave NY.