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    Can you tell me more about your experience? I've been a nurse for 3 years and am considering DNP or CRNA school.

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    I know Kaiser Permanente is trying to expand it's hospitals, and recently purchased Group Health in Washington around December 2015. I know they have 1 clinic somewhere on Cherry Hill. When I was applying for their jobs, I saw that they had an ER nurse recruiting event in late August. Does anyone know when their hospitals are opening?

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    Hey CaliRN91, I haven't moved yet, but Swedish Hospital is offering relocation assistance, which means they'll ship everything for me, including my car, to wherever I want to move. I thought that was super nice. I applied for the endorsement in August, I just got the fingerprinting card today. I will be mailing it out soon. I'm sure I will get a temporary license before 10/24. On the board of nursing california website, there's an area where you can see the times expected for the verification. They were working on August 1-15 last week. Hope this helps

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    HI! Did you get the job? I just accepted their offer to the oncology unit at first hill!

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    I just got into the New to Acute program at Swedish Hospital! I start on 10/24. I'm super excited for this opportunity because I have been trying to get into acute care for the past 2 years. I started out in dialysis and then moved onto a post acute position. I've been trying like mad to work for a hospital in California, even applying up to 2 hours away from where I lived. That didn't work, so I started applying for Seattle! My husband and I have always wanted to move here. He's been trying to get into a radio tech program in California, but that is super saturated also. When he started applying to Seattle, I took the opportunity to apply for my career as well.

    Any way, I wanted to ask how California nurses adjusted to living in Seattle. I know the pay is substantially lower. For example, I'm working here at a post acute care facility and I'm getting paid $39/ hour. The position at Swedish is offering me $33.26/hour with great shift differentials : $2.75 extra for PM, $3.75 extra for NOC, and $4.00 weekend. These can be stacked as well. My other nursing friends are getting paid $50-60 in hospitals. THose in ER at Kaiser are getting paid $70. That's such a huge difference! I mean, either way I'm still super excited for this opportunity. But I'm just curious about how others are doing.

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    Hi Inezco.
    Thank you for updating your post. I'm in the same boat right now. luckily I live in Sacramento so I can go the board of nursing and check in with them. Which one did you go to? I see that there are 3 buildings that belongs to the nursing board. Also where did you get a job at? Congrats!

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    Could you guys take a look at my resume and cover letter? I just rewrote my resume because the previous one hasn't gotten me anywhere. I haven't changed my cover letter much. I've applied to so many places but am having trouble getting call backs. I have a BSN. Currently I work in a rehab facility and I'm trying to get out. Thank you.


    Name, BS, BSN, RN
    City, CA
    (4xx) xxx-xxxx

    Licensure and Certifications
    Registered Nurse, California, license #950xxxxx; expires January 2018
    Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers (BLS); expires July 2017
    Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS); expires July 2018
    Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS); expires March 2017
    EKG/Pharmacology Certification; AHA; no expiration date
    National Stroke Certification; NIH Stroke Scale; expires May 2018

    Fluent in Vietnamese
    Experienced with health systems: EPIC, iConnect, Point Click Care, KNS; typing speed: 85 wpm

    Work Experience
    Rosewood Post-Acute Rehab Facility, City, CA; January 2016- Present
    RN Supervisor
    · Supervise over 40 nursing staff and patient care activities in busy, fast- paced environment- 112 beds
    · Mentor new staff and implement training for existing staff which resulted in higher efficiency
    · Catheter care, skin and wound care, suctioning, and manage patients in emergent situations
    · Communicate changes in patient’s status with interdisplinary team

    Satellite Healthcare Inc., City, CA; August 2014- January 2016
    Home Therapies Dialysis Nurse
    · Educated and managed care for patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and their families, and oversees the delivery of home dialysis therapy modalities, including CAPD, CCPD, and HHD
    · Recognized by manager and corporate multiple times for quality in service, patient advocacy, accountability, and professionalism

    Central Coast Infusion Center, City, CA; May 2014- August 2014
    IV Infusion Nurse
    · Administered IVIG infusions and monoclonal antibody therapy for patients with chronic neurological disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, enzyme deficiency, and other chronic conditions

    Huntington Memorial Hospital, City, CA; January 2014- March 2014
    RN Intern- Labor and Delivery Unit
    · Participated in 252 hours of intensive clinical experience
    · Efficiently managed up to 4 patients under supervision as: Labor, Circulator, Triage, and Baby/ Rover nurse.
    · Provided excellent birthing support, mom and new born assessments, monitored vital signs, uterine massage, lochia assessment, breast feeding initiation and support, pre and post-operation care
    · Precipitous births, post-partum hemorrhage, emergent C-sections, preeclampsia, and ectopic pregnancies

    Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Azusa Pacific University; graduated March 2014
    Cum Laude Degree Honors, Sigma Theta Tau Honors

    __________________________________________________ _____

    Cover Letter:

    Name, BS, BSN, RN
    City, CA
    Phone number

    To Whom this May Concerns:

    Since the beginning of my nursing education, and now into my nursing practice, my aim is to be a nurse who can provide the best quality of care at a high level of intensity and skill. I believe that the philosophy of St.Joseph’s Medical Center would not only align with my own, but would challenge me to continue to strive for excellence in my nursing craft. Improving the quality of life of my clients is my passion. I am motivated through generating results and using evidence based research to improve my knowledge as a nurse.

    In my present role as RN supervisor, I coordinate and direct care to individual and families using a holistic approach. I collaborate with a group of 20 nursing staff and other members of the healthcare team to care for chronic and acutely ill patients. Most of the time I provide leadership and support for staff and patients, but I also provide direct patient care on a regular basis. This position enables me to have experience in caring for a diverse number of patients with multiple diagnosis & treatments, including those with COPD, infections, amputations, and other medical conditions. In this fast paced environment, I am constantly refining my clinical judgment, reviewing patient specific disease processes, and self-reflecting on my level of care to consistently provide excellent patient care.

    While my current position is not considered acute care, I consistently strive to grow as a better nurse, as evident by my certifications in ALCS, PALS, NIHSS, and EKG monitoring. I am also actively pursuing the NRP and TNCC certifications. I am experienced with IV's, wound care, CVCs, PICC lines, interdisplinary team collaboration, and developing plan of care. I am confident my evolving clinical skills, collaborative readiness, and positive receptiveness to feedback would be a great asset to the nursing team and department. My certifications, education and experience will enhance your organization.

    I believe that I would be a great addition to the St. Joseph’s and Dignity Health team. I would be grateful for an opportunity to meet with you and discuss further about my application and qualifications for this position.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration

    Name, BS, BSN, RN
    Phone number

    I honestly think my cover letter is too busy, but I don't know how to cut it down. I've read so many different ones and try to mirror mine after theirs. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!

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    Emptying the effluent isn't too bad. I know where you are coming from but I would just do it. You just hook it up and let it drain, then dispose of the bag, right?

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    Hey there! I'm currently a new grad intern who's working in home therapies. I've never done nocturnal (not yet; I will have to do it one day as part of my training) but I can tell you what home therapy RNs do.

    Basically, I help to train HHD and PD patients on how to perform their own treatment. My days are your typical 8-4:30, and I can come in a little later if I want to. I schedule my own patients and communicate with them on a daily basis; for example, if they have a question about a medication, have constipation, or have signs of infections, they call their primary nurse we help them to resolve the issue. Patients come in once a month to have their labs drawn and to be assessed. At our company, we have patient care conference with the physician, dietician, social worker, RN, and patient once a month also.

    Hope that helps!

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    Absolutely! Most of my friends in my cohort did. We figured out pretty quickly that you don't need all the books they recommended. They provide a package that included everything, but I bought the books I figured I needed on my own. Half the class went that way, too. By the 2nd semester, everyone was buying used books. I'm posting mine on right now.

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    Hi guys. I just graduated from APU ELM program in May 2014. Ask me if you have any questions. I'd be happy to help.

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    Street, State, CA Zip Phone # email

    October 23, 2013

    Dear Hiring Manager:

    As a soon-to-be nursing graduate of ______ University with 2 plus years of experience working with patients from diverse backgrounds, I believe I can go above and beyond in the New Nurse Graduate Program at [Hospital]. Upon learning more about this position, I am impressed by the hospital's commitment to provide high quality health care to patients and their families in a compassionate environment.

    In March, 2014, I will complete my Bachelors in Nursing and become eligible to sit for the NCLEX. I bring a total of over 1000 hours in clinical rounds including Medical Surgery, Critical Care, and Acute Care. I have experience working with diverse patients as a former medical assistant in a busy neurology clinic in San Jose, where I assisted the physician in providing diagnostic care and treatments. I also participated as the main Vietnamese translator for the doctor and handled over 300 cases for Vietnamese- speaking patients. I became the office manager within six months, and in that role I was able to implement new protocols to improve office productions. This resulted in a 25% increase in patient satisfaction and a 15% decrease in patient waiting time. In addition to my clinical experience, I also spent time living and volunteering among the underserved population in Cusco, Peru. While there, I assisted at a women's domestic violence shelter to provide basic health and nutrition services to battered women and their children. My group and I also offered medical and dental health education while passing out donated medical and dental supplies. These experiences combined with the knowledge I've gained from my clinical rotations have helped me to develop effective assessment, communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to learn new tasks and adapt quickly to change.

    I look forward to hearing from you to talk more about my passion and vision for nursing as I enter this field. I would welcome an interview at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at [phone #] in the afternoon or at [email] . Thank you very much for your consideration and I hope you have a great day.


    __________________________________________________ ________________________*Please don't worry about formatting. Copy and paste screwed it up but everything is lined up and fonts are formatted to match. The dates are all aligned to the right side.


    Address Phone email

    RN - BSN, pending NCLEX exam anticipated March 2013
    Basic Life Support Certification 2012
    Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support 2013
    National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale Certification by American Stroke Association 2013
    Blood Borne Pathogen Certified 2013

    Bachelor of Science, Nursing Expected Graduation: Mar 2014
    Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California
    Sigma Theta Tau, Honor Society of Nursing member (October 2013)

    Bachelor of Science, Biology, emphasis in Physiology Dec 2010
    San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California

    CLINICAL EXPERIENCE (Student Nurse) 2012 - 2013
    - Acute Care Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park, Baldwin Park, CA 90 hours
    - Medical Surgical/ Telemetry Huntington Hospital, Pasadena, CA 180 hours
    - Restorative and Rehabilitation Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation, Pomona, CA 90 hours
    - Critical Care White Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 135 hours
    - Obstetrics Pomona Valley Hospital, Pomona, CA 90 hours
    - Pediatrics Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90 hours
    - Mental Health Aurora Las Encinas Hospital, Pasadena, CA 90 hours
    - Community Health School nursing, community health fairs, CHLA shot clinic, and Asthma Mobile 135 hours

    Medical Assistant/ Office Manager Aug 2010 - July 2012
    San Jose Pacific Neurology Center P.C., San Jose, California
    - Prepared patients by setting up medical charts, taking vitals, administering preliminary screening tests, and obtaining previously ordered labs or diagnostic tests results.
    - Assisted neurologists in diagnostic procedures such as electromyography and electroencephalography for over 30 patients per week
    - Educated patients as part of check-out procedure by providing referral information and clarifying medication or procedural orders to increase compliance to therapy.
    - Oversaw and trained a staff of 5 people to efficient office operations resulting in a 25% increase in patient satisfaction and a 15% decrease in patient waiting time.

    Cohort Representative June 2013 - Present
    Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California
    - Liaison between classmates and nursing administrators to confirm schedule updates and new information.
    International Medical Missionary Summer 2010 Cusco, Peru
    - Provided over 500 medical and dental supplies to underserved and vulnerable population from the surrounding women's shelters and elementary schools.
    - 250 women and children provided health and nutrition to, including use of donated supplies.
    Greeter/Escort/Information desk 2009 - 2010
    Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California
    - Offered direction, assistance, information, and wheelchair assistance to those in need of escort to and from the patient pick up/ drop off areas or within the buildings.
    - Promoted member satisfaction by greeting, solving problems, answering questions, and delivering flowers to patients within the hospital.

    Member, American Nurses Association 2013

    The biggest problem I have is tweaking the cover letter and resume to match the job descriptions. I don't know how to change the skills. I appreciate any help. Thank you!

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    I never gave a thought to how hard being a nurse is. Like most, I think "a nurse is a nurse who helps people". But now that I've started nursing school, MAN it is hard! I've never been a quitter but I feel like this is not for me sometimes. I'm doubting my intelligence. In undergrad my grades were mostly B's in science and I got by with a 3.4. I've never been a sit down and study all day kind of girl. But now that's all that I do! Even then I'm barely passing tests with B's. I'm in an accelerated program of 15 months, but I know those who have done theirs in 1 year! I love the hospital and learning new things, but I do have a hard time retaining infos and concepts. Sometimes I think to myself while studying that I am not cut out for this. Has anyone else felt this? How did you cope?

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    Hi Beatrocka,

    I have the following list of books that we have to get. Can you help me find any of the ebooks (they are also in the list). Thank you. I tried googling for the longest time but couldn't find any pdf version. Thanks much! I purchased the physical copies of books but wanted the ebooks just in case i need to look up something quick