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  • Mar 15 '12

    Quote from bobby123
    Conversion programme is not an option if you are from overseas. It is for Registered Nurses who finished their course here in Australia who wants to convert to a Bachelor's degree. Not sure if it's an option for overseas nurses. You can check AHPRA for registration coming from overseas.

    The concept of the BP is to orient the overseas RN to the Australian health care system. It is designed to help the overseas nurse adapt to Australian nursing. This is why you need to finish a BP prior to initial registration with AHPRA.
    I respectfully beg to disagree. My co-worker opted for an RN conversion program in QL. It's because she is a 2nd courser and she took her BS Nursing in the Philippines for only 2 years. AHPRA requires your BSN to be at least 3 years.

    RN Conversion Program -

    Pros : - No AHPRA LOE required by Uni
    - No IELTS of 7 in all bands initially required. (Will only be required when you submit
    your papers to AHPRA for registration
    after the course)
    - No work experience required.
    - Can work part time because it requires student visa

    Cons - Definitely more expensive than BP
    - 1 year course- (My friend started her program in March last year & ended in Nov)

    What bobby123 might be referring to is the RN Graduate Program which is a conversion course for Aussies who have Bachelor's Degree in other fields.

  • Mar 5 '12

    Me! I did my bridging course in AAON. We didn't have an early exit, so we all had to do the course for 12 weeks. We were only 23 in the batch, 8 Pinoys, 1 Iranian and the rest were Indians. We had 4 weeks of lecture in Melbourne, which was same as what joiemike has said, and 8 weeks of clinical placement in NSW. No one was sent in regional or rural areas. Just in the suburbs, where transport in available. I should say that the course that we went through is quite good. We did have a lot of paperworks though. Of the 23, only 1 did not make it, for not completing the requirements. But yeah, like joiemike, I think I'd also recommend AAON.

    Most of us, did find a job right after we got our registration. I think only about 2 haven't found their jobs yet.

  • Mar 5 '12

    Quote from DreamMeansWork
    hello aila61 thank you for resolving my confusion So basically, TOR, RLE summary and course description are the things i needed from my school?

    how are you? still waiting for LOE? may i ask when did you apply to AHPRA?
    Don't forget your college diploma as well Well the latest update I have is that my documents are for final approval already. I think I still need to wait for more weeks before I receive my LOE :/

  • Mar 5 '12

    Included in the Application Confirmation email that AHPRA-WA sent me was:

    "In order that your application can be assessed further, could you please forward a certified copy of the course outline or student handbook from the university or institution where your qualification was conferred. We do not require the whole course syllabus, simply an outline of the courses conducted, and the theoretical and clinical units undertaken within each course."

    I think everyone who sent their application to AHPRA-WA received the same email. I just informed the registration officer that I already included the Course Outline in my application.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mar 5 '12

    Quote from dashe
    Hello there Joiemike! :spin: I'm considering to apply at ETEA and I would just like to ask some first hand information since you were able to study there. How was the school and the bridging course? Do they really grant an early exit for the program? Thank you very much. :spin:
    We were 42 in our batch. There were only 13 Pinoys. The rest were from India. Anyway, the theory lasted for 3 weeks and they were basics of nursing. The only thing added were the Regulations and Policies of nursing in Australia. After the 3 week lecture, we were assigned to different hospitals and nursing homes all over Australia for 5 weeks. I was fortunate to be assigned in Central Coast of NSW which was only an hour's train ride away from Sydney. The others were assigned to remote rural areas. The clinical placement was nothing new except for some machines which I was not familiar with. Then we fly back to Melbourne for 1 more week to wrap things up and submit the essays. Of the 42 students, only about 5 people I think didn't make the early exit. The rest of us did. The 5 were all from India. It's their English competency that was usually lacking.

    All in all, I am glad I went to ETEA. Except for the price, I wouldn't mind recommending it to my friends for BP.

  • Mar 5 '12

    I thought the condition was if a student did not pass the theory, not if they did not obtain a visa.

    Don't all schools want to be paid in full, before a visa is applied for?

    No one has ever posted they were refused visa and that goes for those that had eligibility letter from AHPRA and said that they were HepB pos and were looking for BP schools. Though I think this might have been a problem to get a visa when the visa is to work in health care.

    No one ever posts back to tell us what happens if they get a negative result from AHPRA or DIAC.

  • Mar 2 '12

    There are agencies out there offering big loans and not disclosing all the conditions, interest rates etc until you sign up.

    This is totally against Australian practise and totally illegal here....everything before signing anything must be disclosed, including if you manage to pay off earlier, everything must be out there written on paper.

    Think very carefully before taking loans out on the priviso that WHEN you get work you will pay it off....
    The government has tightened up on how employers offer long term business visa's and this is what is needed for you to stay and work in Australia.

    If possible try and raise the money yourself with family or some source that you know were you stand if you get work or do not get work, the pressures off. It would be a terrible situation if families had to sell homes, business, land just to pay your loan off because you were not able to get work. Especially those with no experience.

    Australia has a ready made workforce of graduate nurses, as it is, which makes it extremely difficult now, for an employer to state thate they need a nurse with no experience from overseas to take a position. Aged care also is becoming difficult. As international nurses moved into the rural areas to take those positions.

    It was possible in the past not now and actually was not too successful at times due to nil experience for clients and staff and nurse.

    Be extremely careful, the lure of the 'Australian' Dream my overtake the realities of not being able to pay for loans...and remember there will always be people willing to make lots of money on peoples beliefs and desperation of getting a job and making a better life, when at times it is just not possible.

  • Mar 2 '12

    Quote from DreamMeansWork
    Hello everyone :spin:
    i just would like to know if there's someone here who tried applying to AHPRA even with ZERO experience?? it's because I have a friend who happens to know someone who applied at AHPRA WA and she got NO EXPERIENCE at all.. also, she tried applying to different schools that offer IRON / BP even if she hasn't gotten her LOE from AHPRA yet.. and she's for April intake now.

    I'm not sure, but my friend keeps on bugging and telling me that after i passed IELTS, i should start applying to AHPRA.. (which i really really would want to)

    CAVEAT: I just passed December 2011 NLE and i have ZERO HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE. TIA!!
    It used to be easier to apply before with zero experience. My niece who came here 2010 was able to apply with NBV (pre-cursor to AHPRA) with zero experience. She was able to get in ACFE in Sept of that year.

    Job hunting wise, she got hired by a nursing home as a new graduate nurse. Now, she has just been promoted and got a hefty pay raise on her 2nd year. But that was definitely before.

    I got my LOE last July. I had about 21 months work experience back home. Got accepted by ETEA the following month. Got offered a job by the same hospital where I did my clinical placement. I just finished my 1st month with my employer and I am loving it here.

    But among 13 Filipinos in my batch from ETEA, there still are about half that still haven't found work as RN.

    I don't know if it's just luck or perseverance and patience. But I have a Filipina workmate right now that went through the 1 year RN conversion route in QL last year. She took this option because she had limited work experience back home (I think 8 months only). But she still got hired immediately after her course by my employer.

    In short, you will never know the outcome. It can be a combination of a lot of factors including luck. Although, I strongly believe that having a more extensive work experience back home definitely is a big plus. But so is having a very good command of the English language (both written and oral). The RN labor market here has definitely become very competitive. This is especially so in Victoria where most of the BP schools are based. Here in NSW, there still are a lot of job placements for RN's with work experience.

    In the end, it's all up to you. If you have money to burn and willing to take the risk, you should go ahead and try. It will definitely be all worth it once you start working.

  • Feb 29 '12

    Quote from alrakeam18
    hi! i've been eyeing this forum for months now and this is the first time that i will be posting...

    Is there anyone here who applied for the bridging program with ZERo work experience? i've been thinking about applying for the BP but the problem is i still dont have any nursing work experience, just graduated last year and passed the boards july, am i eligible to apply for BP? how about conversion program for nurses the one which you are going to undergo bachelors again, i heard there's a one year program at the University of Queensland in brisbane and i am wondrin' if Deakin University in Melbourne is also offering a 1 year conversion program, any feedbacks? thanks!

    HI ALRAKEAM I had attended the Australian Exhibition last May 2011, and I applied for the 1 year RN Conversion for overseas nurses offered by University of Queensland. Actually, I received the letter of offer last August 2011, but I declined it. The course started last February 24, 2012, and it will be ending on November 2012. The course fee is about 24,000 Australian dollars and it is twice as much as the 3-month BP tuition fee. It will take me several months to study as well. These are the reasons why I opted for the Bridging program. I was having a dilemma that time whether to accept the offer or not because I know that it will take a long time to undergo the AHPRA application. But i was enlighten when one of my classmates got her AHPRA LOE in just 1 month and a half, so I decided to apply in AHPRA as well. I am currently waiting for my LOE, but it is taking toooooooo loooooooonnnnggg.

    During the Australian Exhibition, I had the chance to talk with the International Manager of the Univ. Of Queensland. The requirements are: IELTS all 7, evidence of successful completion of 4-year Bachelor Degree in Nursing, other documents from school and PRC, and NO EXPERIENCE needed. However, after the course, you will apply in AHPRA as well. I haven't clarified whether to apply for GRADUATE application or for the overseas educated nurses application (AGOS-40) after the schooling. ( You can just ask the school for clarification ).

    Aside from this, though experience may not be needed in this 1-year course, you need to have an impressive resume when you are applying for work. Employers would prefer applicants with experience. But, some hospitals in Australia have a "graduate nurse program" for newly graduate nurses.

    I hope these have enlighten you . . .