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  • Oct 3 '13

    I failed like 6 times...I used hurst the first time and failed; but that was because I only did the material and videos. The second time using this; I did most of the videos and just kept doing the qreview; whatever my score was I would read it all over and the rationales. At first I was scoring at like 47% then 50% then finally 63% and 70%. All I did was practice practice practice...I passed yesterday on 9/30/13 102 questions with the good pop up.I was horrible also with picking answers but I got it finally. I was only able to study for 2 weeks; 2-4 hours a day. Don't give up! keep practicing questions. good luck!

  • Sep 5 '12

    ok, I think it's stop the pit if infusing, turn on side, O2, increase IV fluid, notify physician, and document last. Thanks.

  • Sep 5 '12

    Unfortunately its 0.82 mL

  • Sep 5 '12

    74.8/2.2 = 34 x 1.5= 51

    2 x 51 = 102 / 125= 0.816 mL

  • Sep 5 '12

    Don't Panic
    You can't know all the information you know your basics and your strategies you can do it
    This time is to relax and pray

  • Aug 22 '12

    Anything worth having is worth fighting for.......I will send positive thoughts and prayers to you all!!!!

  • Aug 22 '12

    I know i totally understand that feeling when you are on edge of giving up but as you said few more days you will be done with this and get that golden license will be an RN soon.. think about that

    Good Luck and you are in my prayers ..

  • Feb 28 '12

    I took it last year and failed as well. I am using Kaplan Review and also their content videos, PDA, I read Saunders some times for content, but I took all their SATA questions, and I will be starting the NCSBN next week. I heard they are the best and it's very similar to the boards. Know someone who took it the second time and pass with them.